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NCAA President Mark Emmert Says a Shortened Season Could be 'Very Helpful' Amind the Coronavirus Pandemic

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In a recent interview with ESPN,  Mark Emmert says he thinks a delayed start and shortened number of games could be "very helpful" amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He went on to say that observing how professional sports handle their return-to-play plans is providing the NCAA with insight.

Emmert said, "We get to see how the testing protocols emerge and how that can be more effective, especially if we can get antigen testing going, for keeping track of the virus on campuses. The fact a delay could provide us with time to do all that could be very, very useful."

He also shared that he felt a smaller number of games would also be helpful as it would allow for bigger breaks and flexibility around schedules.

Emmert's comments come the same week the ACC is expected to reach a decision on the conference's fall schedule.