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LSU Basketball Investigation Could Signal Trouble for Football Program Allegations

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Dozens of schools have gotten caught up in the feds’ web but none have ever had a head coach so closely tied to a potential violation like Will Wade.

According to a story published Tuesday by The Advocate that cites correspondence between the NCAA and LSU- Director of Enforcement Jon Duncan believes the case should be referred to the Independent Accountability Resolution Process also known as (IARP).

Now LSU appears to be working to avoid a scenario that happened to Kansas. Enforcement rolled Kansas football and basketball allegations together making a case against the school and its lack of institutional control- which is a Level 1 violation and the most severe in the NCAA’s penalty matrix.

According to The Advocate LSU has no objection to the basketball probe being diverted to IARP but does not want the football violations included.

LSU is trying to put the football allegations to rest and they could result in agreeing upon penalties without a formal hearing.

The NCAA’s case against LSU basketball continues though. No Notice of Allegations has been filed yet, multiple sources confirmed to Sports Illustrated.