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Kentucky star quarterback/running back/returner Lynn Bowden Jr. was out of control from the moment the Wildcats took the field for pre-game warmups at the Belk Bowl

Bowden, who eventually removed his shirt as some sort of intimidation tactic, certainly appeared to be a guy who felt like he was above the rules. 

The opening of the ESPN game broadcast recapped the events. 

Take a look: 

What about that bling, though? Or is it drip? Either way, Bowden's jewelry game can't be questioned, but his behavior absolutely should be. The Kentucky standout began chirping the second he took the field and things only escalated from there. 

So, it appears that the one-hour window where referees can choose to eject Bowden had expired? It feels like another silly, dated NCAA rule that needs to be changed. A targeting penalty, whether intentional or not, means an instant ejection but this dude can run his mouth non-stop and eventually punch an opposing player, without any equipment or protection in the face and still suit up like nothing happened? 


We will try to touch base with Virginia Tech athletic director Whit Babcock after the game. It's clear the Hokies' AD was heated over this and he should have been.