Eldridge on Stewart: 'I Call Him Body Beautiful'

Dan Raley

Eldridge Recasner looks at Washington freshman Isaiah Stewart and sees an unselfish player, a throwback to another time and, with that cut physique of his, the second coming of Michael Cage.

"I call him 'Body Beautiful,' " Recasner said, quite possibly giving the UW standout his first nickname as a collegian.

Cage was a 15-year NBA player who spent six seasons with the Seattle Supersonics. He had that body-builder look about him as well, with those wide shoulders that Stewart carries.

However, Michael's best nickname was more workmanlike, "the Windexman," because he was so adept at rebounding--at cleaning the glass. Cage was never a big scorer, though, averaging just 15.7 in his top season.

Stewart likely will be big point-producer in the pros, because he's dedicated to the inside game and can still launch shots around the perimeter. 

"It's a refreshing sight to see him because everybody wants to shoot the 3," Recasner said.