WATCH: Kaila's Keys for Beating the Arizona Wildcats at Home

Kaila Olin

Cut Turnovers in Half

I’m going to throw out some games with a large number of turnovers and their result because, not so fun fact, Washington has more turnovers on the season so far than made free throws. 21 turnovers against Stanford, lost. 18 turnovers against Colorado, lost. 17 turnovers against Utah, lost. 14 turnovers against UCLA, lost. 13 turnovers against Cal, lost. 13 turnovers against Oregon, lost. If the Dawgs can cut these in half, their record could be dramatically different and they potentially wouldn’t be tied for last in the conference.

Throw Out the Zone Defense

Arizona is probably the best team in the conference when it comes to breaking down the zone defense and gave Washington the most trouble last season against the zone. The weak spot for the zone this season has been when teams get the ball into the high post or when the teams run a high-low in the key. Arizona is stellar in the paint and adjusting to a zone, so the Dawgs need to come out in man-to-man to throw the Wildcats off.

Be More Disciplined

There are a few examples that the Dawgs haven’t been very disciplined this season, and I think that’s led to how their season has gone thus far and I’m going to be blunt. Off the court, Quade Green being academically ineligible until the tournament which at this point, the Dawgs won’t be attending. In their loss to Colorado, three technicals on the night. Blowing lead after lead after lead and not closing out a game even though they have a double digit lead. All of that can be avoided by making an easy adjustment and that’s something the Dawgs need to be – disciplined.

My Spread Prediction: -6 Arizona

My Over/Under Prediction: 130