Ahead of the Numbers: Sizing Up Utah's Previous Shortfall

Utah was held scoreless in the second half of it's 33-17 loss to USC last week, turning over the ball on four of five possessions in that time.
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Turnovers in the second half of Utah's 33-17 loss to USC last week were the undoing of the Utes.  Here's a quick look at some important numbers from last Saturday's game in Salt Lake City.


Uncharacteristically, Utah had 5 turnovers.  If not for the giveaways, the 33-17 score would have been much closer because of the similarity in yardage, time of possession, yards per pass and yards per carry.


If not for 4 Trojan field goals, the final score of the USC-Utah game would have been much closer.  The Utes defense repeatedly bent but would not break.  USC had drives stall at the Ute 18, 35, 7, and 30, which Parker Lewis converted into field goals.


The Utah offense repeatedly put its defense in rough spots with four turnovers.  The defense responded with 3 sacks and 10 tackles for loss, and one interception. Fourteen of the USC points came on four offensive yards.


Against the USC Trojans last week, the two Ute quarterbacks combined to throw three interceptions. Before he exited the game, Utah starting QB Cameron Rising had a fumble and an interception. In relief, Jake Bentley threw two interceptions.


Utah was 1 for 3 on fourth downs.  The Utes had two turnovers on downs late in the fourth quarter.  In fact, Utah's five possessions in the second half ended like this: interception, punt, downs, downs, interception.