Josiah Bronson Ready for Whatever New UW Football Landscape Delivers

Dan Raley

With fans and media scrambling to keep pace with an ever-changing college football world — one that began its pandemic makeover when the Big Ten and Pac-12 eliminated non-conference games this fall — player reaction has been a little hard to find.

These days, the Washington Huskies are mostly under wraps, returning to campus in phases for voluntary workouts while submitting to steady novel coronavirus testing.

They're also not a bunch of out and out Twitter hounds, not sharing their every last thought publicly on social media.  

Leave it to Josiah Bronson, the UW's sixth-year defensive tackle, to bring a Husky voice to the recent developments.

A day after Michigan dropped out of the season opener with the Big Ten decision, Bronson tweeted the following missive:

"Regardless of when we play we gon be ready. No matter the date, time of day, or month. We ready."

While everyone on the UW roster has good reason to want to play as many games as the pandemic will permit, Bronson has more of them.

He talked the NCAA into granting him a sixth year of eligibility, one more than is typically permitted a college player.

He's been coast to coast with the game, beginning his career with two seasons at Temple in Philadelphia before coming back home to finish up.

While an established starter, Bronson also stands to enter into one of the most competitive defensive position battles on the team, trying to hold off highly regarded sophomore Tuli Letuligasenoa from taking his minutes.

Letuligasenoa is trying to do what Bronson did last year — unseat a returning starter. In Bronson's case, it was then-senior Benning Potoa'e.

As the reverberations of the Pac-12 decision to drop non-league encounters continues to sink in, the Mountain West reports it will take a big hit as a conference, losing 13 games against Pac-12 opponents. One of them that went away was Washington's Sept. 19 home game against Utah State. 

Questions have emerged over what happens to independent Notre Dame, which has lost three games so far from the Big Ten and Pac-12 moves. 

The ACC, which counts the Irish as a league member in every sport except football, has suggested it might help the outlier team. Amazingly, the league didn't have any games scheduled against the Big Ten, Pac-12 or Ivy League, all of which altered or eliminated schedules.

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