Class of 2020 Preview: Sav’ell Smalls Scouting Profile

Trevor Mueller

Scoutlook: Sav’ell Smalls

Smalls is one of the top edge rushers for the recruiting class of 2020.  He selected Washington over some of the leading programs in the country.  Here's a look at Smalls' skill sets and what to look for from him in the purple and gold.

Size: At 6-foot-4 and 244 pounds, Smalls is the ideal size for an elite pass rusher at the Division 1 level.

Speed: With an explosive first step, Smalls is dangerous around the line of scrimmage. He can catch quarterbacks and running backs from behind.

Strength: Smalls has above-average strength for an incoming freshman. He's physical when engaging with would-be blockers and sheds them depending on the ball carrier.

Hands: In high school, Smalls showed soft hands as a receiver that high-pointed balls in traffic. As a hand fighter in the trenches, Smalls is college ready. He keeps lineman on their heels with violent moves followed by swims and spins.

Footwork: Smalls has elite footwork and balance. His short chops enable him to react to the ball carrier and he will spin to plug the hole. Even in a spin when his back is to the blocker, he keeps his balance.

Football IQ: Sav’ell Smalls is much more than just a pass rusher. He understands coverage schemes and prevents completions on short routes and balls to the flat. He reads  lineman and uses effective moves to get to the passer. On running plays, Smalls is disciplined to set the edge to the outside.

Scoutlook: The crown jewel of the 2020 class, Sav’ell Smalls has a very high ceiling. He will push to see the field because of his size and football IQ. As his body gets used to the D-1 level, Smalls could be a major contributor to the Husky defense.

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