Huskies' Elijah Molden is a Fan Favorite: Here's One Example Why

The University of Washington senior cornerback doesn't seclude himself from the fans. He dives right in, as this impressionable youngster found out.

Elijah Molden has got it covered.

The Husky secondary.

His side of the field.

The receiver on the out route.

The guy going deep.

The ball carrier bursting through the line.

Oh yes, he connected with one of the biggest and youngest fans for his University of Washington football team. 

The senior cornerback should be busy getting ready to return to the campus and UW athletic facilities.

He likely is digesting the process laid out for this because of the coronavirus pandemic.

He could be working out at all hours to be in the best shape for whenever football restarts.

He might be reading all of the nice things being said about him.

Athlon Sports magazine.

Pro Football Focus.

Husky Maven/Sports Illustrated.

Yet in this hectic time for him, Molden still took a moment to reach out to young 8-year-old Acen, a Husky fan, on his birthday.

It was his Babe Ruth promise.

Gloves and a photo. 

The stuff that movies are made out of.

Like everyone else, Acen misses sports.

Like thousands of sports fans, he misses UW football.

He and his dad made that known on social media.

A bunch of Huskies coaches responded.

So did Molden.

With a personal message.

While seemingly a simple gesture, this youngster will never forget it.

It might make him dream a little more.

Grow up to be smart and tough on the football field.

Want to be just like Elijah Molden.

It might encourage him to someday become a UW football player.

A cornerback even.

A great defender.

Someone who reaches out to others.

The young and the impressionable.

That's how these kinds of things get started.