One on One with Husky Coach Malloe

Terry Hollimon

Please, Ikaika - Don’t Hurt ‘Em

In 1993 when I arrived on Montlake to begin my career as a Husky, there were some real life monsters masquerading around as college football players on the defensive side of the ball. Hillary Butler. DeMarco Farr. Andy Mason. Big, scary people for a young freshman running back who just wanted to stay alive. But there was one player in particular that I was warned to stay FAR away from when on the field. A safety who will light you up like no one else on the team.

You’re probably thinking about that Lawyer Milloy kid right? Well while Lawyer may have been a prolific hitter in his own right, there was another who was considered to be, pound for pound, the hardest hitter on that squad. And although phonetically his name sounds like Milloy, it’s actually MALLOE. Ikaika Malloe.

Ikaiaka (or Kaik as we know him) MAY have been 190 lbs, soaking wet with boots on. On his HEAVIEST day. But he had an uncanny way of striking opponents with such force that helmets would fly off. Teeth would chatter. And people would be left wondering exactly what had just happened and how? 

Coach Malloe

Fast forward 26 years, and Kaik is now in his 4th year as the defensive line coach for his Alma mater - The Washington Huskies. And he brings the same intensity as a coach that Husky fans and alumni remember from when he was a player, leading the 1995 Pac 10 co-champion Huskies with 5 interceptions.

A graduate of Kamehameha high school in Hawaii, coach Malloe will have an opportunity to face off against some familiar faces when the University of Hawaii comes to town to take on the Dawgs this Saturday. Not only is Ikaika a proud native of Hawaii, but he also coached special teams and defensive tackles for the Rainbow Warriors in 2008. He and current Rainbow Warrior Head Coach Nick Rolovich were actually roommates on the team’s road trips.

Saturday will be a special day

This Saturday’s game will be special for coach Malloe, as it will be for all of the other Husky players past and present who hail from the Rainbow State. He plans to have 18 friends and family members from Hawaii in attendance at this Saturday’s game. However, the veteran defensive line coach does not mince his words when it comes to his allegiance. “I’m all purple and gold.” Exclaimed Coach Malloe shortly after Tuesday’s practice. Watch more of the conversation with Coach Ikaika Malloe exclusively below:

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Great to see Ikaika -- nice interview Terry.


True insider with legit connections!! What an excellent article and video.



Thank you! Kaik is definitely a blessing to the program!