WATCH: Is it Time to Reset Expectations for this Husky Season?

With the offense a work in progress, Husky Maven's Kaila Olin and Mike Martin discuss future of this UW team.
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In its season opener, the University of Washington football team kept the ball on the ground and played it somewhat conservatively on offense against Oregon State. 

Is it too early to make any sort of judgement there? Or not?

Husky Maven's Mike Martin looks at an offense that is a work in progress, plus a  UW defense that seems to be farther ahead.

When Jimmy Lake was hired as coach, he stated how he wanted to produce an offense that was difficult to defend, that was attacking by nature.

The Huskies generated 141 yards of passing offense, choosing to run the ball. Sure, it rained and there was a new quarterback, but was it too conservative?

Olin and Martin's discussion can be seen in its entirety above.