It's 99 Days to Michigan: Preview, Prediction and Pandemic Pessimism

As the country slowly reopens, people are talking sports, and that includes the Washington-Michigan football game in three months.

Campus doors are creaking as they swing open. Cobwebs are being removed. People are spraying and disinfecting everything.

College football players at most schools will be permitted to use campus facilities in June as the health crisis keeps everyone wary. Coronavirus testing is being tested and installed.

That's the important stuff. Health concerns. Mandatory requirements. Keeping everyone safe. 

Pandemic permitting, it's 99 days until Washington hosts Michigan at Husky Stadium.

While safeguards are being put in place, here's the more mundane yet interesting stuff regarding this high-profile opener -- all of a sudden, people elsewhere are talking about the game.

Michigan, according to these Wolverine-themed take on things, should have a field day offensively because Washington and most Pac-12 defenses supposedly don't play any defense.


At last count, the Huskies return 9 of 11 starters, including two first-team, All-Pac-12 selections in cornerback Elijah Molden and defensive tackle Levi Onwuzurike. Defensive end Joe Tryon is on most legitimate mock drafts as a first-rounder. The secondary might be as talented as any found in any time zone.

The Fansided site also said the Huskies have won four national championships.

Must have got the footballers mixed up with the crew.

That said, a strong defense certainly is still no guarantee Washington will win this contest, if it's played -- the Huskies still have to find and groom a quarterback for this huge challenge.

But the thinking here is the UW-Michigan game shouldn't be a point-fest.

As for the final outcome, here's a neutral take from College Football News on what the Huskies and Wolverines might do if they meet. Three months out, these prognosticators recognize the Huskies' defensive prowess but also take into effect the quarterback deficiencies.

CFN's game forecast is actually a little surprising. These guys envision a very competitive football game. See if you agree with the prediction or not. The Huskies will enter the game 5-7 against Michigan, but have won four of the past six. 

Of course, this intersectional matchup will have to pass muster on many counts to be held at all. To have Michigan travel all the way out here, many things will have to fall into place. 

Ninety-nine days out, that's still a very legitimate concern.