It's First and 14: S-I's Latest Mock Draft, Through 5 Rounds

Dan Raley

With the 27th pick of the 2020 NFL draft, the Seattle Seahawks select ...

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, wearing an earpiece and crouching in his basement in the Hamptons, six feet from a guy with a hand-held camera, coughs once before revealing the name. No, it isn't something serious, just a tickle.

Just like every draft choice, Goodell's reveal is met with dead silence.

This is what we get in two weeks -- a strange, virtual, emotionless NFL draft, presented to you by some obscure internet company.

This contracted digital outfit will be responsible for putting in safeguards to prevent hackers from having the Seahawks end up with some dude named Yetur Gross-Matos or Antonio Gandy-Golden.

Wait a minute, YGM and AGG are real players. Say each of those names six times real fast. 

For now, with the pro football talent dispersal unfolding two weeks from today, we are left with Kevin Hanson's infinite wisdom as presented by Sports Illustrated. 

He's provided us with his 14th mock draft, running it out five rounds, using all of his contacts to give us the latest intel. 

Spoiler alert: Washington quarterback Jacob Eason, tight end Hunter Bryant and center Nick Harris each find an NFL destination through the first 138 selections. 

Unfortunately, these guys won't get to do what former Huskies teammate Drew Sample did last April, as shown in the photo -- join in all the usual ceremony that comes with being a draftee. 

From all the other analysts weighing in, including the irrepressible Mel Kiper, Eason was going to be a Patriot, then a Colt, possibly a Steeler. And, at one time, he was going to be a first-round pick.

Eason likely would be happy with Hanson's suggested draft choice here if it pans out. It would enable him to learn from one of the best at his position and systematically polish his quarterback fundamentals. He could really soak in a winning attitude. 

Bryant is just the kind of guy his NFL team, as decided byt Hanson, will need to break in a new quarterback in a high-pressure setting.

Finally, Harris might be the most fortunate of all of the draft-able Huskies. His  legendary NFL coach in waiting, as determined by Hanson, will rejoice over the center's football acumen, fancy footwork and innate desire.

See where all of these UWguys went in Hanson's latest draft offering right here.