Scott Confident Season Will Be Held, But Warns of Empty Stadiums

Dan Raley

Appearing on a CNN newscast on Friday, Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott sounded hopeful that his conference football teams could open training camps by mid-July and move forward to some sort of season.

Yet he warned of the disparity in state approaches to dealing with the ongoing pandemic crisis and said to expect a patchwork response -- and this could lend to some Pac-12 games being held in stadiums without fans.

"With some states, it's going to be more conservative and we'll be playing in front of empty stadiums, which will be surreal and challenging," Scott said.

Scott and fellow SEC commissioner Greg Stankey came on the air and answered questions provided by CNN news anchor Kate Bolduan.

The commissioners spoke of the great unknowns surrounding an opening of the college football season, such as the possibility of some schools nationwide fielding teams and some not.

Scott noted that three schools in the Pac-12 have reopened some of their facilities to  athletes, but acknowledged that a phased restart that matches the reopening of society is a certainty. 

'These are baby steps bringing in bringing student-athletes back to camp," the league exec said.

Scott expressed confidence in keeping his league football players safe, adding that his schools provide world-class medical care and the athletes couldn't be in a better environment

The Pac-12 leader again was confident a football season will be held in the months ahead, but not without certain limitations. 

"It's going to be sometime until we see full stadiums and arenas again," Scott said.