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Pass the Turkey and Football: Report says Big Ten Mulling Thanksgiving Return

If Midwest teams fast-track a football season after postponing it for next month, the Pac-12 surely would follow, wouldn't it?

Pass the dressing and college football games, please.

Big Ten athletic representatives have been holding low-key talks about a possible restart for their postponed conference football season during Thanksgiving week, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. ESPN offered a matching report

If that happened, the Pac-12 would surely follow, not wishing to be the the only Power 5 conference not playing football games. 

The Big Ten and Pac-12 both postponed their football seasons on Aug. 11, citing concerns over the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, the SEC, ACC and Big 12 have said they will push forward and play conference-only games, beginning in September, creating a wide division of those schools playing and not playing football across the country. 

With the first FBS games less than a week away, 76 schools intend to play football this fall while 54, including the University of Washington, have opted out.

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Meeting with media members two weeks ago, Husky coach Jimmy Lake had expressed hope that his team would return to practice in November and resume games -- possibly up to eight -- in January.

"The virus is going to dictate what we're able to do," Lake said two weeks ago.

The Big Ten also has proposed a January option for an eight-game season, but it appears the league's coaches are willing to bump that up as novel coronavirus testing improves nationwide. 

Meantime, the ACC is planning on conducting testing three times per week in order to have a fall football season.

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