San Diego State's Hoke on Willingness to Play UW: 'Yes, in a Heartbeat'

Yet schedules need to cooperate for Aztecs and Huskies to meet this weekend in Seattle.
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The University of Washington and San Diego State football teams, after losing their scheduled conference opponents this week to pandemic concerns, may wind up with each other.

While both still need to exhaust all league options before agreeing to a game, the Aztecs (3-2) for one would welcome the chance to travel to Seattle to play the Huskies (2-0) if it comes to that.

"Yes, in a heartbeat," San Diego State coach Brady Hoke told reporters.

If this match-up comes together, look for these teams to play on Friday or Saturday night to find a TV window slot.

The Huskies hold a 3-0 series advantage over the Aztecs, and they haven't played since 2012, when a Steve Sarkisian-coached team won 21-12. Other meetings came in 1982 and 1997 when the UW took 46-25 and 36-3 victories, respectively.

The urgent need for new opponents emerged when Washington State pulled out of the Apple Cup set for Friday in Pullman, Washington, and San Diego State lost a Friday night Mountain West match-up at Fresno State against former UW quarterback Jake Haener. Both home teams have reported virus issues.

Utah still might be a late option for the Huskies. The Utes, who have played just one game so far after a pair of cancellations, are set to face Arizona State in the desert on Sunday. Yet the Sun Devils recently have been battling positive COVID-19 tests, including one for coach Herm Edwards.

Also, Utah comes off a 33-17 loss to USC, which shut down its program on Tuesday after positive testing. The Utes could be facing another shutdown. 

Which brings everyone back to San Diego State. 

The Aztecs become available if New Mexico plays at Utah State on Thursday and Wyoming meets UNLV on Friday — but both involve schools with uncertain situations.

San Diego State would have to pick up a league opponent if any of those schools pull out before it could Washington.

“Obviously, if it could be a Mountain West deal it would be preferable for everybody,” Hoke said. “We’ll see. We’ll play anybody. We just want the opportunities to play."

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