Quarterback U: S-I Reveals the Schools With Best Position Stockpile

Dan Raley

Quarterback U.

Which lucky college football program has had the luxury of having the greatest stockpile of signal callers over the past decade?

Sports Illustrated has crunched the numbers for each position area nationwide over the past 10 years and can show you who has recruited and developed the best players.

Quarterback, of course, is the key to everyone's national championship and league title hopes. 

One way to gauge this position is to simply look at the most recent Heisman Trophy winners, an award that leans heavily to the best QB-1.

Another is to check out S-I's detailed research, provided here. It involves myriad factors to merit its conclusions, including draft position, number of players moving to the next level, awards received, games started, and partial credit for transfers.

The quarterback list might surprise. It hardly resembles college football's usual rat pack of top 10 of teams. More like the second tier.

Two Pac-12 teams made the cut with their 10-year sample of quarterback play. Can you name them? 

Do you think Washington made this list? Of course, over a large chunk of the past decade, the Huskies turned the position over to Jake Browning, who followed Keith Price, who replaced Jake Locker. 

And most recently, Jacob Eason offered a 13-game look at his considerable skills, though his NFL regard seems to be waning some as the NFL draft stands three weeks away.

Before you open the link, see if you can guess just the top handful of quarterback-heavy schools from the past decade. You might wonder why more of them haven't played in the national championship game.