Ulofoshio: 'It's a Very Unique Name'

Dan Raley

Edefuan Ulofoshio explained his unique name to media inquisitors crowding all around him on Tuesday. 

It's Nigerian.

By way of Alaska.

His first and last names perfectly describe him as a football player. We'll let him explain it all in this brief video clip.

The Washington Huskies inside linebacker, coming off a sterling effort against Oregon State, is a walk-on. That likely will change soon.

Ulofoshio is redshirt freshman who's been coming off the bench. That could change, too, possibly with a starting assignment at Colorado on Saturday. Either way, he'll play a lot.

Back to that name. 

He actually gave himself a fairly ordinary American identifier through high school.

We'll let him explain that in the video, too, with more to come on Edefuan Ulofoshio and how he ended up at Washington on Wednesday.