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Who's on Your Husky Football Opponent Wish List? Here's Our Top 5

The University of Washington football team still has never played 18 Power Five schools. Maybe that will change soon. The college game may never be the same again.
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As NCAA schedules possibly get shortened and scrambled this fall by the pandemic, and the postseason becomes the great unknown and maybe gets reconfigured, college football may never be the same again.

Contracts, commitments and routine might just go out the door.

And if everything has to reset, who knows, maybe that leads to a consolidation of the Big Five schools in scheduling.

Which might not be a bad thing.

As reputable as the University of Washington has been as a national football program, the Huskies still have never played 18 of the other 63 schools -- or well more than a quarter of them.

After 13 decades of staunch gridiron play, that doesn't seem right.

Of those 18 outliers, which five would you schedule immediately if given a choice? Or had the match-making power for a bowl game?

No offense to Sacramento State or North Dakota, but those games simply don't stir any interest. They're always over by halftime. It's time to get rid of the patsies. 

Here's one man's wish list:

1) Georgia

Alabama might be the only place that supplants UGA for college football hysteria. The school's little red and black flags show up on every third or fourth vehicle driving through Atlanta. The interest in the program is nonstop. Everyone who has anything to do with the football team walks with a swagger. They take their Bulldogs so serious they fired coach Mark Richt following a 9-3 season in 2015. They recruit everywhere -- just ask Jacob Eason, the former Bulldogs and Huskies quarterback. 

2) Clemson

Dabo Swinney's Tigers have won two out of the past four national championships and appeared in four of the past five CFP title games. Who doesn't want to play the best? Yet the Huskies might best be advised to wait until Trevor Lawrence has taken his superlative quarterbacking skills, big arm and flowing mane to the NFL, which should be fairly soon.

3) Tennessee

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OK, so the Volunteers haven't been at their best over the past decade, turning in six losing seasons out of 10, or ever since the Lane Kiffin experiment didn't work. He was there only for the 2009 season, breaking up all kinds of tradition and continuity. Knoxville is still a sacred place for football. The Huskies and UT should definitely play a home and home -- both have stadiums that back up to the water, catering to a large boating invasion. And hey, Peyton Manning played there.

4) Mississippi

Speaking of Kiffin, the new Ole Miss coach, the Huskies are 1-2 against him (USC) and would dearly love another shot. And speaking of the Mannings, this place has certifiable quarterback history and deep family roots (Archie and Eli). Now that Rebels nickname might not survive the country's social and cultural reawakening, but they could call this team the Kiffins. Or the Near-Misses. Or just Ole Miss. 

5) Florida State 

This potential opponent has griped Washington for a long time. Nearly four decades ago, the Seminoles backed out of opening the 1982 season in Seattle. Made no bones about it. Broke the contract. Paid heavy fees. FSU wasn't coming. Why? The Huskies were too good at the time, appearing in three out of five Rose Bowls. It didn't matter that legendary UW coach Don James was a former Seminoles assistant coach. FSU bolted 11 months before the game. The Huskies substituted UTEP in the vacant spot on the schedule and took out their frustrations on the Miners, beating them 55-0. Good to see, the UW ranks really high on SI's Florida State wish list. 

So what do you think?

Is there somebody else that you'd rather see pop up against the UW in a bowl game or during the season if it comes to that?

Other ACC teams that have not played Washington: Louisville, Boston College, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Wake Forest and Georgia Tech.

Other SEC teams that have not faced the Huskies: Arkansas, Missouri, Vanderbilt, South Carolina and Kentucky.

Just one Big 12 team has eluded the UW: West Virginia

Of course, the Huskies have met all 14 Big Ten schools.

We encourage you to leave a comment at the bottom of this page. We can debate any of this. Answer questions. Dream a little. 

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