Two Weeks to the Draft: Jacob Eason Keeps Slipping Lower

Dan Raley

Wonder if Jacob Eason is regretting his decision to turn pro?

Most draft analysts, including those at Sports Illustrated, project the Washington junior quarterback as a middle second-round selection now with the NFL draft just two weeks out.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, precious little time remains to revise his draft stock. He's been labeled. 

While no one is quite sure when the NFL or college football will get back to work, Eason again would have been best served polishing his game at Husky Stadium for another season.

Looking at it one more time, Eason might have cost himself significant money by choosing to turn pro when he did, especially with four to five QBs rated ahead of him.

His arm still says first-round all over it. The rest of him, however, such as his poise in the pocket and ability to consistently move a team down the field, appears to have dropped him anywhere from the 47th to 69th choice -- to a second- or third-rounder.

Now Eason still might be happy with all of this when he awaits his name to be called during the virtual draft conducted on April 23-25. It's possible he considered all scenarios for entering the league, was ready to draw a paycheck no matter what his draft projection revealed and was done with college and attending classes. 

Yet had he been just a little more patient and strategic, Eason might have been able to create a quarterback sample to convince the NFL scouts there is more to his football makeup than the rifle arm, that he was worthy of 1-through-32 draft status. That he should be paid top dollar. 

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Even his Highness Sir Brady floundered in the first round!