Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood: An Apple Cup Prediction

Orange Bowl captain sizes up Friday's big game at Husky Stadium

If only the Huskies could put a uniform back on Jimmy Rodgers. Talk two current freshmen, one a Pelluer, into giving up No. 39 for an afternoon. 

What Air Raid?

In the heart of Seattle -- check out the sounds of Metro busses stopping and starting in the background -- we catch up with Mr. Rodgers again. 

Jimmy, wearing his trademark purple socks and a large Hall of Fame ring, serves up an Apple Cup memory, sizes up what the current Huskies have to do take some steam out of Washington State's prolific offense and provides a prediction. 

He's always been glib and fun-loving, one reason he was such a good football player during a UW golden era. A Don James disciple. Someone who could play. 

OK, so Rodgers and his teammates didn't always have this rivalry game figured out--they got knocked out of two Rose Bowls by the Cougars. But you always felt confident with him on the field. Just like we do having him on this video.  Check it out.