Husky Fans Weigh in on Grad Transfer K.J. Costello

Dan Raley

If he was on the Washington campus as suggested, grad transfer quarterback K.J. Costello probably received an umbrella and assurances from the athletic department that it really doesn't rain that much around here.

There's a good chance Costello wondered what the heck he was thinking as the wet stuff -- never a quarterback's best friend -- came down uninterrupted all day long.

We'll see if he's a trooper or not. You can't wear shorts and flops in this weather.

Meantime, Huskies fans weighed in all day over the prospect of the Stanford player signing on with Jimmy Lake's team and pushing returnees Jacob Sirmon and Dylan Morris down the depth chart. 

From a highly unofficial tabulation, after looking at different UW fan sites and deciphering some of the posts, it appears the local base is in favor of Costello spending a lone season in Seattle by a 2-to-1 margin.

"Sounds like a solid QB for a pro-style offense," was the typical refrain of Husky fans.

While Costello has a nice resume, with more than 6,100 yards and 49 touchdowns passing, plus a 2018 win over the Huskies, here are some things to consider:

Is he damaged goods?

Costello took a blow to the head against Northwestern, leaving him with a serious concussion. Does he have any lingering headaches or other aftereffects?

He also seriously hurt the thumb on his throwing hand. Can he still grip it and zip it like before? Is he injury-prone? He's prone against Central Florida in the above photo. 

And, if he's fully recovered, is Costello just window-shopping? He considered going pro last year before returning for his disastrous senior season. If he's healthy, unless potential money factors in, why wouldn't he head to the NFL now?

Again, is he window-shopping? Costello has been linked to Mike Leach and the Air Raid offense in news accounts, with the suggestion made that the QB and the coach were talking about Washington State before Leach headed to the South. 

Still seems hard to believe this Stanford guy would end up at Mississippi State. Coming to Seattle might be country enough.

Either way, Costello likely got a big pitch to pull on a purple No. 3 and take the QB snaps against Michigan in eight months. 

Here's a little Husky Stadium lightning video for him to chew on.

A sampling of comments from Twitter-sphere:


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