Scoutlook: Hall Is Huskies' Latest Bet on Finding an Impact DB

The Fresno defender has a dynamic ability to change direction.

The Washington Huskies continued to pursue promising defensive backs, eliciting a commitment from cornerback/safety TJ Hall, Jr. from Fresno, California, who originally pledged to Arizona.

The athletic defender from San Joaquin Memorial High School accepted a Husky offer that was given to him on Wednesday.

Size: At 6-foot-2 and 175 pounds, Hall has the size to play the outside corner position.

Speed: Hall Is an electric athlete who will stay on the hip of receivers in and out of their routes. His fast feet enable him to run with the quickest offensive players.

Strength: In his development, Hall is farther along in his ability to cover. He has the frame to become a quality hitter that would round him into an elite prospect.

Feet: Hall’s feet are what makes him an intriguing prospect. He is extremely dynamic in his ability to change direction and react to offensive players. He stays balanced and can fight through receivers' arms to pick off passes.

Football IQ: On film, Hall shows that he knows what the offense is doing. He reacts to plays quicker than some receivers. He's played all over the offensive side of the ball, at wide receiver and even quarterback. He understands defenses and is consistently in the correct position.

Scoutlook: When Jimmy Lake and the Huskies recruit defensive backs, they do so by projecting them as NFL players. TJ Hall is no exception. He has exceptional ball skills and quickness that will translate into interceptions for Washington. As he learns the run coverage schemes, expect him to become an impact player on Montlake.

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