Scoutlook: Freshman OT Rosengarten Should Provide Intriguing Blindside Material

Roger Rosengarten is a future left tackle for the Washington Huskies. Husky Maven/Sports Illustrated's Trevor Mueller breaks down his game and explains why he's blindside material.
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Roger Rosengarten from Littleton, Colorado, is a future left tackle for the Washington Huskies. Here's why he is blindside material and which former or current UW player he compares to most favorably. 

Size: Rosengarten is long and lean. At 6-foot-6 and a half inches, he's nearly the prototypical size for an offensive tackle. His 285-pound frame has room to develop for the next level. He could easily add more weight and remain an effective offensive tackle.

Speed: Rosengarten’s speed is average. He's able to get to the next level and make plays. He has room for improvement to gain explosiveness in college.

Strength: He's large and imposing. He bullies D-linemen and attacks until the whistle. As a defensive lineman, Rosengarten often used a bull rush to overpower blockers.

Hands: His hands are aggressive in use. He gets into the chest of defenders, not allowing them to disengage.

Feet: In pass protection, Rosengarten plants his left foot to get leverage on pass rushers. Sometimes he relies too much on his strength and can get narrow in his stance. He is aggressive and engages the ends early.

Football IQ: Looking at his fundamentals, Rosengarten knows the game. As a run blocker, he gets to the second level, but his footwork and understanding of pass rushers set him apart from other prospects.

Scoutlook: Roger Rosengarten has a tremendous upside and a high floor. He has all of the foundational tools to be a bookend tackle. He has quick feet in his shuffle and is aggressive when engaging defenders. On the low end of his talent, he is a multi-year starter. On the high end, he is an NFL prospect.

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