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Freshmen Film Evaluations: Offense

West Virginia will have an abundance of newcomers on the offensive side of the ball in 2020

We are officially less than three weeks from the start of the 2020 season and with a new season comes new faces. If you have been following along to our "Freshmen Faces" series, you will have received a small introduction to each scholarship freshman on the roster. Today, we offer evaluations of each freshmen on the offensive side of the ball. So, let's get to it!

Photo by Caleb Saunders - WVU Football

Photo by Caleb Saunders - WVU Football

QB Garrett Greene

Greene doesn't get a lot of credit for his arm and is labeled as more of a scrambling quarterback. Don't let that fool you - this guy can sling it. He's got a tremendous touch on his downfield throws and has great zip on his passes. Greene will use his legs to extend plays, escape pressure, and open up passing lanes down the field. He's not the tallest guy (6'0"), but his ability to move around the pocket helps him see the field and compensate for his lack of height.

RB A'varius Sparrow

Sparrow is lightning in a bottle with the ability to hit big at any time. He's fast, but also quick. He can stop and go without losing much of his speed and plays well in the open field. Sparrow, although small, can run with toughness in between the tackles, but must improve in pass protection if he wants to be an every down guy at some point in his career.

WR Devell Washington 

Washington gives West Virginia a ton of size and physicality. Standing in at 6'4", 215 lbs, Washington can develop into a guy that can be either a red zone target or your 50/50 guy. Most guys his size don't get a whole lot of love for what they can do in the intermediate and underneath passing game, but he can be a threat at all three levels. He does a great job fighting for positioning and is a fairly sharp route runner. 

WR Sam Brown

Brown is an absolute burner. He can create space with his speed and get behind the secondary with ease. Brown also has the traits of being a physical receiver and having the ability to make tough catches in tight coverage. Has the highest upside of the offensive signees from the 2020 signing class.

WR Reese Smith

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Smith is just fast. There's no other way to put it. When the ball is in his hands, special things happen. He does really well in the quick passing game and is a tough tackle in space. Once he clears the second level, he's off to the races - not too many folks are going to be able to catch him. He could develop into a home run threat later in his career, but I would expect much of his impact will be felt in the short game/screen game.

TE Charles Finley

Finley is a very promising prospect that could become a budding star at the tight end position down the road for West Virginia. He has strong hands, is very physical, and can absorb hits without being knocked off his route. Finley runs sharp routes and gets out of his break fairly quickly, while maintaining his speed throughout the entirety of the route. What most will overlook about his game is his ability to block - it's solid.

OL Zach Frazier

Frazier's strength is what really pops on the tape. You can see how he became a four-time state wrestling champion in West Virginia - he just manhandles people. He has incredibly strong hands and gets a ton of push in the run game. He's a natural fit at center and has the looks of being a multi-year starter while in Morgantown.

OL Chris Mayo

Mayo was a big get for West Virginia, flat out. He's as close to college ready as an offensive lineman can get. For his size, he's pretty athletic and rangy and lateral quickness is above average. He played right tackle in high school, but I think he is better served to kick inside to guard. He's more of a downhill blocker that bodies up defenders in the run game. Has some work to do in pass protection, but not bad by any means, just needs some tweaking.

OL Jordan White

White brings a toughness to the offensive line that is much needed, specifically in hopes to get the Mountaineer running game back on track, which was a weakness this past season. He is quick out of his stance and does an excellent job at extending his arms, immediately being in blocking technique. He doesn’t have long arms, so being able to immediately be in position is critical. He will be a nice fit at guard in the future.

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