Bob Huggins Explains What Went Wrong in the Loss to Baylor

The WVU head coach was disappointed in how his team finished against the Bears.
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On the small miscues that led to the loss

We didn’t get the ball inbounds twice. One time, we traveled with the ball. The other time we just didn’t get it in. Those plays hurt us. We stole the ball and threw it behind (senior guard) Taz [Sherman] so it went out of bounds. We gave them the ball back. I thought that was critical. The reality is, down the stretch, we haven’t made free throws. We didn’t make them against Oklahoma. We didn’t make them against Texas. We didn’t make them against Florida. We don’t make them down the stretch. We went 1-for-2. [Baylor] made their [free throws]. We didn’t make ours. We fouled the wrong guy. We wanted to foul (Baylor senior forward Mark) Vital. We said to let him catch it, and they foul. We fouled a guard who goes down and promptly makes two free throws. A lot of that is youth. We played today against tough men. They (out-played) us (physically). 

On failing to get the ball inbounds

The one right before halftime, we took steps with the ball. The other one, we didn’t get the ball inbounds. I don’t know how when you have a 6-10 guy, you don’t get the ball inbounds to him. It’s not what you want to run probably, but to just get the ball inbounds. Then we have three guys run down the floor. Pressure does different things to different people. I think our mind was on the run offensively or why we didn’t make the play the time before or why we missed a shot that they missed. I don’t know.

On junior forward Derek Culver only taking three shots

They (Baylor) were extremely physical with him. I don’t think there’s anybody in college basketball, other than maybe that big kid from Illinois that can move Derek if he doesn’t want to be moved. He chased the ball too much. He chased the ball because he wasn’t getting it when they put really good ball pressure on our guys. Our guys are fighting the ball pressure, and when they’re fighting the ball pressure, they’re not looking to throw it to Derek. So, Derek chases it, which is human nature. They did a great job with ball pressure, and we didn’t do a great job with alleviating ball pressure. I think he’s comfortable out there. He just doesn’t score out there. Derek is really hard to stop when he catches the ball two feet in the paint.

On the top-five matchup

I just try to win, man. I don’t know about a heavyweight fight. That’s a really good basketball team, obviously. I think we’re a really good basketball team. We just didn’t do what we had to do. We’re a very young basketball team. You’re talking about a bunch of guys who are fourth-year juniors and fifth-year seniors. (Baylor head coach) Scott (Drew) has done a great job of putting those guys together. They’re deep. They bring (Baylor junior guard Matthew) Mayer off the bench. We watched a lot of film, and he wasn’t making a lot of shots. They run two ghost screens, and he gets two wide-open shots, and he makes them. We’re screaming at them don’t switch it, and we didn’t switch it. We ran at him, and he drove right by us and scored. He hurt us. He made the shots that really hurt us and turned the game in their favor.

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