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Depth Chart for Tennessee

The West Virginia Football coaching staff has released the depth chart for the upcoming game against the University of Tennessee Volunteers this Saturday (September 1st) at 3:30 pm est.

There has been some changes in the two-deep from the first depth chart they released just before Big XII media days, and there is still a couple of spots that hasn't named a starter.

Marcus Simms gets the start at wide receiver after initially being behind David Sills. TJ Simmons was in that starting X receiver spot over the summer. Simmons is now behind David Sills at the Z position.

Offensive Lineman Chase Behrndt was listed behind left guard Josh Sills. Now, transfer Michael Brown has moved behind Sills, while Behrndt slid behind left tackle Colt McKivitz.

Two spots along the line still does not have a starter. It's been a healthy competition among the guards and center and it may take a game or two before they have their starter. Center Matt Jones started last season, but Jacob Buccigrossi was listed as the starter over the summer and they still haven't decided who that guy will be.

Right guard Isaiah Hardy was named the starter over the summer with Zach Davis behind him. It looks likes Joe Brown has made his way to the top along with Hardy.

Receiver William Crest Jr moved up behind Gary Jennings at the slot passing Druw Bowen.

The two defensive linemen transfers Kenny Bigelow (USC) and Jabril Robinson (Clemson) are both named the starters along the front. Bigelow at nose tackle and Robinson at defensive end. Both Still Brothers, Dante and Darius, have made the two-deep. Darius is backing up Kenny and Dante Kenny.

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Ezekiel Rose and Reese Donahue are listed as the starter for defensive end. Coming into the season there was a lot of talk on the depth along the defensive line. Now there looks to be plenty of depth up front.

Here's how the two-deep appeared in July:

DE Ezekiel Rose/Jabril Robinson

NT Darius Stills/Kenny Bigelow

DE Reese Donahue/Jeffery Pooler

Cornerback Derrek Pitts had the starting role over the summer, but is now listed with Josh Norwood. Coaches have been raving about Norwood and defensive Coordinator Tony Gibson has made it clear that he will be among the 11 best players on the field.

Current Depth Chart:



WR (X)

Marcus Simms

Dominique Maiden

TE (H)

Trevon Wesco

Jovani Haskins


Yodny Cajuste

Kelby Wickline


Josh Sills

Michael Brown


Matt Jones or
Jacob Buccigrossi


Joe Brown or
Isaiah Hardy


Colton McKivitz

Chase Behrndt

WR (Y)

Gary Jennings Jr.

William Crest Jr.

WR (Z)

David Sills V

T.J. Simmons


Will Grier

Jack Allison

Trey Lowe III


Logan Thimons

Elijah Drummond


Kennedy McKoy or
Martell Pettaway or
Alec Sinkfield or
Leddie Brown




Ezekiel Rose or
Reese Donahue


Kenny Bigelow Jr.

Darius Stills


Jabril Robinson

Dante Stills


Charlie Benton

Shea Campbell


Dylan Tonkery

Adam Hensley


David Long Jr.

Josh Chandler


Hakeem Bailey

Keith Washington


Kenny Robinson Jr.

Sean Mahone


Dravon Askew-Henry

Deamonte Lindsay


Toyous Avery Jr.

JoVanni Stewart


Derrek Pitts Jr. or
Josh Norwood

Special Teams



Evan Staley

Luke Hogan


Billy Kinney

Evan Staley


Rex Sunahara

Kyle Poland


Billy Kinney

Luke Hogan


Evan Staley

Luke Hogan


Marcus Simms

David Sills V


Marcus Simms

Gary Jennings Jr.