West Virginia Mountaineers Football 2021 Commits: Highlights & Analysis

Schuyler Callihan

TE Victor Wikstrom (Sweden) committed on 7/11/2019

Analysis: Having only played the game of football only five years, Wikstrom has made big strides. With that said, there is still a lot about his game that still needs to be developed. He's a raw talent, but has the work ethic and drive to be a legitimate college tight end. After a year or two of college experience under his belt, he could be one of the hidden gems in this recruiting class.

Offers: Charlotte, Eastern Michigan, Georgia Tech, Ole Miss, and UMass.

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CB Andrew Wilson-Lamp (Massillon, OH) committed on 1/27/2020


Offers: Kentucky, Michigan State, Vanderbilt, Duke, Iowa State, Pitt, Wisconsin, and regional recruiting rival, Penn State.

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S Saint McLeod (Philadelphia, PA) committed on 2/1/2020

Analysis: McLeod is a vicious hitter that can be extremely helpful when coming downhill and stopping the run game. He possesses great hands and makes really good jumps on routes, which will often times leads to interceptions. He's got a very similar game to that of current West Virginia safety, Tykee Smith. McLeod will likely see a lot of playing time early in his career, just like Smith has.

Offers: Iowa State, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma State, Pitt, Rutgers, Tennessee, and several others.

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OT Wyatt Milum (Huntington, WV) committed on 3/6/2020

Analysis: Milum is a high motor guy that has incredible strength and lower body power for as young as he is. He flattens defenders on a weekly basis and does a really good job of turning guys out from the play. Milum's hands are so strong that once he gets control of you, there's no shot to break away and make a play.

Throughout much of his career at Spring Valley, he has lined up at right tackle, so I would expect him to probably do the same once he reaches Morgantown and maybe even get some looks at left tackle if there is a need.

Offers: Alabama, Florida State, Georgia, Louisville, Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oregon, Penn State, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, several others.

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QB Will Crowder (Gardendale, AL) committed on 4/7/2020

Analysis: He is a dual threat quarterback, but will do most of his damage through the air completing just over 70% of his passes for 2,615 yards and 25 touchdowns. Has extremely good touch on his passes and places the ball in the right spot. Very much a precision passer.

Offers: Boise State, Georgia Tech, Iowa State, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech and several others.

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DE Hammond Russell (Dublin, OH) committed on 4/10/2020

Analysis: Russell has a knack for applying pressure on the quarterback and has a great jump off the line of scrimmage. His speed off of the edge is what makes him so intriguing to watch and will be what allows him to compete for playing time early in his career.

Offers: Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan State, Cincinnati, and about 15 others.

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RB Jaylen Anderson (Perry, OH) committed on 4/16/20

Analysis: Anderson is a physical running back that takes pride in running through defenders with ease. Despite being mainly a physical back, he does possess traits of a make-you-miss runner as well. He is beaming of star potential.

Offers: Duke, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Georgia Tech, Iowa State, Louisville, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, Pitt and several others.

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TE Treylan Davis (Jackson, OH) committed on 5/19/20

Analysis: Davis has a very intriguing frame at 6'5", 215-pounds and despite having the build of a wide receiver, he does a really good job in run blocking. His highlight reel is filled with plays of him driving a defender ten to fifteen yards before slamming them straight into the ground.

Davis can be a factor in the passing game, but that will come with time. His main priority will be to create plays for the backs and quarterbacks when evading the pass rush.

Offers: Arkansas, Cincinnati, Wisconsin, Bowling Green, and several others.

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DE Brayden Dudley (Hoschton, GA) committed on 5/28/20

Analysis: He has a really good jump off the line of scrimmage and stays low, providing a strong push off the edge. He's got the closing speed to chase down a scrambling quarterback and make a quarterback's life a hard time. With the Mountaineers stacking up defensive linemen, it is hard to say where exactly he fits in when it comes to where he will line up. However, he could be one of those "positionless" defensive lineman that can play all across the defensive front.

Offers: East Carolina, Michigan State, Central Florida, Western Kentucky, and a few others.

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WR Kaden Prather (Germantown, MD) committed on 6/6/20

Analysis: His size is certainly the thing that jumps right off the screen when you watch his film. Although 6'3", 210-pounds doesn't seem extremely overwhelming, Prather just towers over every defender that lines up across from him. His big frame will be a huge asset to the Mountaineers' passing game for years to come.

Offers: Oklahoma, Penn State, Maryland, South Carolina, Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, Florida State and several others.

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OL Tomas Rimac (Brunswick, OH) committed on 6/8/20

Analysis: Rimac is a big, strong, yet athletic offensive lineman. He squats a max of 525 lbs, benches 300 lbs, and runs a 4.8 40-yard dash. Rimac excels in the run blocking game and has great lateral movement and is often times used as a "puller". He will have some work to do in pass protection, but already has great footwork and technique - he will just need some fine tuning.

At 6'6", 275-pounds, Rimac projects to be an offensive tackle at the collegiate level. At Brunswick High School, he's been lining up at left tackle, but he may fit better on the right side in Morgantown. Regardless, this is a quality find by the coaching staff and he should be a guy that works his way into the rotation by year two or three and has the traits to be a legitimate Big 12 starting tackle.

Offers: Cincinnati, Indiana, Iowa State, Louisville, Minnesota, Pitt, Purdue, Temple, Wisconsin, and several others.

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DE Edward Vesterinen (Finland) committed on 6/29/20

Analysis: "I honestly believe it's a huge commitment as this kid [Vesterinen] is a kid that has the ability to compete very early in his career. He has been coached up and not raw as most high schoolers are. He is fast and very twitchy." - Brandon Collier, Founder of PPI Recruiting.

Offers: Coastal Carolina and Massachusetts.

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DL Nijel Mcgriff (Northwest Mississippi CC) committed on 7/13/20

Analysis: Mcgriff is a near perfect fit in this West Virginia defense and will be joining fellow Northwest Mississippi defensive lineman Quay Mays. At 6'3", 290-pounds, Mcgriff has great size and can move pretty well for his size. He will have three years of eligibility once he reaches campus in 2021 and is going to be an immediate impact guy.

Offers: Maryland, Louisiana, Coastal Carolina, Arkansas State, Florida Atlantic, Liberty, Memphis and a few others.

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