WVU Football Recruiting Hot Board: Top Lists, Names to Watch + Decision Dates

An in-depth look at which 2022 recruits are heavily interested in West Virginia
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* - new name on the board

# - new decision date announced

QB Braden Davis (Middletown, DE)

Top 7: South Carolina, NC State, Georgia Tech, Duke, Stanford, Cincinnati, West Virginia.

RB Terrance Gibbs (Winter Park, FL)

Top 12: Ohio State, Auburn, LSU, Alabama, Texas, Georgia, Penn State, Florida, Michigan, Texas A&M, Miami, West Virginia.

RB Jaylon Glover (Lakeland, FL)

Top 12: Georgia Tech, Central Florida, Iowa State, Florida State, Louisville, Utah, Purdue, Tennessee, Michigan State, South Carolina, South Florida, West Virginia.

WR Peter Kikwata (Germantown, MD)

Top 8: Auburn, Boston College, Florida State, Maryland, Kentucky, Penn State, Pitt, West Virginia.

Visit to WVU: June 24th-26th

WR Antonio Gates Jr. (Dearborn, MI)

Top 12: Penn State, Kentucky, Louisville, Washington State, Iowa State, Boston College, Nebraska, Maryland, Ole Miss, Pitt, Michigan State, West Virginia.

#WR Quan Lee (Gainesville, FL)

Top 8: Georgia Tech, Penn State, Virginia Tech, Nebraska, South Carolina, Miami (FL), Coastal Carolina, West Virginia.

Visit to WVU: June 4th-6th

Decision Date: July 7th

WR Shawn Miller (Bradenton, FL)

Top 5: Illinois, Miami, Arizona, Indiana, West Virginia.

Visit to WVU: June 11th-13th

WR Keshlon Jackson (Lake Charles, LA)

Top 7: Houston, Arkansas, Indiana, Louisiana Tech, Ole Miss, Memphis, West Virginia.

WR Gregory Gaines III (Tampa, FL)

Top 12: Kansas State, Penn State, Marshall, Iowa State, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Florida State, Central Florida, South Florida, Virginia Tech, Georgia, West Virginia.

WR Jaylen Ward (Alabaster, AL)

Top 5: Coastal Carolina, Florida State, Indiana, Virginia Tech, West Virginia.

WR Marquarius White (Pinson, AL)

Top 10: Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Virginia Tech, Michigan, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, West Virginia.

OL Desaun Williams (Colonial Heights, VA)

Top 5: Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan State, Pitt, West Virginia.

#OT Daughtry Richardson (Miami, FL)

Top 10: South Florida, Georgia Tech, Oregon, Missouri, Kentucky, Florida State, Arizona State, South Carolina, Purdue, West Virginia.

Decision date: July 26th

OT Tyler Gibson (Alpharetta, GA)

Top 8: Mississippi State, Indiana, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Florida State, Virginia, Virginia Tech, West Virginia.

DE Marvin Jones Jr. (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Top 10: Miami, Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida State, Georgia, Oregon, Texas, Jackson State, West Virginia.

DE Q'yaeir Price (Wayne, NJ)

Top 10: Uconn, Pitt, Rutgers, Maryland, Syracuse, Indiana, Purdue, Boston College, Kansas, West Virginia.

LB Edwin Wilson Tara Kolenge (Montreal, QC, CAN)

Top 8: Howard, Virginia Tech, Indiana, Boston College, Nebraska, Syracuse, Rutgers, West Virginia.

LB Mekhi Mason (Opa Locka, FL)

Top 7: Georgia Tech, Indiana, Ole Miss, Pitt, Florida State, Syracuse, West Virginia.

CB Trevell Mullen (Pompano Beach, FL)

Top 5: Indiana, Penn State, Syracuse, Miami, West Virginia.

CB Keenan Nelson (Philadelphia, PA)

Top 10: Notre Dame, Pitt, South Carolina, Maryland, Wisconsin, Penn State, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Rutgers, West Virginia.

CB Ryland Gandy (Buford, GA)

Top 12: Notre Dame, Oregon State, Virginia Tech, Central Florida, Liberty, Nebraska, Auburn, Indiana, Michigan State, Boston College, Pitt, West Virginia.

*S Steven Sannieniola (Gaithersburg, MD)

Top 6: Purdue, Virginia, Vanderbilt, Maryland, Duke, West Virginia.

Visit to WVU: June 11th-13th

S Mumu Bin-Wahad (Loganville, GA)

Top 10: Arizona State, TCU, Mississippi State, Michigan State, Nebraska, South Carolina, Central Florida, Penn State, Georgia Tech.

Visit to WVU: June 4th-6th

ATH Sam Martin Jr. (Paramus, NJ)

Top 7: Cal, UMass, Pitt, Purdue, Rutgers, Syracuse, West Virginia.

ATH Jaden Mangham (Franklin, MI)

Top 15: Michigan, Nebraska, Minnesota, Baylor, Miami, Georgia Tech, Michigan State, Kentucky, Oregon, Florida, Washington State, Penn State, Cincinnati, Bowling Green, West Virginia.

Visit to WVU: June 4th-6th

ATH Christion Stokes (Harper Woods, MI)

Top 7: Central Michigan, Cincinnati, Michigan State, Kansas, Iowa, Toledo, West Virginia.

Visit to WVU: June 4th-6th

ATH Jacolby Spells (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Top 5: Syracuse, Indiana, Miami, Georgia, West Virginia.

Visit to WVU: June 4th-6th

Names to watch:

QB AJ Duffy, RB Ramon Brown (Visits June 4th-6th), WR Kevin Thomas (Visits June 11th-13th), WR Andre Greene Jr., OL Jackson Pruitt (Visited in April), CB Raleigh Collins III (Visited in December).

Removed from the board:

S Elijah Davis - Committed to South Florida

ATH Braylin Presley - Committed to Oklahoma State

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