Reactions to Kobe King Leaving Wisconsin

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Jake Kocorowski

Significant news broke on Wednesday afternoon that redshirt sophomore guard Kobe King decided to leave the Wisconsin men's basketball program.

There were obvious reactions to the move from many on social media.

On the Big Ten Network, Andy Katz provided some insight and his reaction to the news as seen in the tweet below. The veteran journalist, who can be seen on BTN and FS1 along with performing his journalist duties, did not necessarily hold back his thoughts on what has transpired. 

Katz' comments via this tweet -- especially with his respected resume in covering basketball for years -- stand out.

"Well I'm going to tell you this. In talking to multiple sources with Wisconsin, this was Kobe King's decision. He was not asked to leave. There were no personal reasons why he decided, as he said in his social media post. He said this was not the right program for him, but let's address that. He is second on the team in minutes. In his last game against Purdue, the game that he played, he played 28 minutes. He did not score. Four assists, two turnovers, 0-for-5 (shooting). That's on Kobe King.

"Why you would decide to leave the program, this particular season when it's been incredibly emotional at Wisconsin in almost February with a team that's trying to get to the NCAA Tournament. Unless something else is going on that he has not said or has not been reported and it is strictly about not being the right fit or not being the right program, then transfer after the season. Do not quit on your team right now when you have a team trying to get to the NCAA Tournament, because that's the perception that it has right now that Kobe King basically left them in a lurch, and they're trying to get to the NCAA Tournament. That's what it looks like right now, based on what he said, based on what I've heard, that's his decision. I'm going to tell you right now, if I'm another coach out there, I'm pulling back. I'm checking with the rest of Wisconsin saying, 'Do we want this player who left his team in February, almost February?'"

One reaction came from Mike Lucas from -- who has covered Wisconsin athletics for decades -- tweeted his perspective on the matter:

Though not naming King directly, former Wisconsin guard Zak Showalter tweeted this on Wednesday night:

After Showalter's tweet, former Wisconsin commit (not player) and current Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro replied:

It is worth reading the exchange between those two.

Ben Brust, who co-hosts an ESPN Madison mid-afternoon radio show in addition to being a BTN game analyst:

Former Wisconsin and current Temple guard Tai Strickland tweeted a cryptic message earlier on Wednesday. King later put his former teammate's social media message up on his Instagram story.

Former Wisconsin big man Brian Butch, who co-hosts a morning radio show on WSCO in the Appleton/Oshkosh area along with working on BTN, wrote out a thread on Twitter in giving his insight: