Wisconsin Badgers in The Basketball Tournament

Jake Kocorowski

Before the NBA officially starts back up later this month, a tournament will allow some former Badgers to play for a chance for some significant money.

The Basketball Tournament (TBT) starts up on Saturday and runs through July 14 in Columbus, Ohio at Nationwide Arena. In this "winner-take-all" atmosphere, this year's victors in the 24-team extravaganza have an opportunity to take home $1 million.

Wisconsin will have some alumni suiting up in the tournament, at least according to their team's respective rosters. 


Three former Badgers are on the online roster for this particular team, which currently features seven players who used to compete in the Big Ten Conference. They include:

  • Forward Vitto Brown
  • Guard Trevon Hughes
  • Forward Khalil Iverson

Team Hines

Ethan Happ, who was just named a BTN All-Decade second-team selection last week, is stated to be on the Team Hines roster.

According to the team description:

After a run to the TBT Final Four in their first year, Team Hines is back in 2020 to try and finish the job. Leading the way once again will be the team's namesake and Euroleague legend Kyle Hines, who's recruited a roster of top notch Americans playing at the highest level overseas.

Other connections

For those also with Wisconsin state connections, former Maryland big man Diamond Stone is on the roster for Sideline Cancer.

Schedule for Saturday

In the first game of TBT, Big X will take on D2. Badgers fans can tune into ESPN at 2 pm CT to catch the action. 

Happ and Team Hines will play on Sunday against Sideline Cancer at 3 p.m. CT.

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