VIDEOS: Badgers Prepare for Rutgers

Jake Kocorowski

MADISON, Wis. -- Two days before their weekend matchup against Rutgers, Wisconsin held its player availability inside the Kohl Center media room on Friday afternoon.

During that allotted time, spoke with guard Brad Davison, forward Micah Potter and assistant coach Joe Krabbenhoft. Be sure to check back on Saturday for a preview on the Scarlet Knights with insight from Krabbenhoft and Davison.

For now, here are some excerpts from the players and assistant from a number of other topics discussed with reporters.

Brad Davison

At the :43 mark of the above video, Davison chats about what a week like this week -- playing two games straight at home and not traveling or missing class -- does for the players:

"Well it allows you to get some schoolwork done first of all. Outside of basketball, that's always nice sometimes. I think it allows you to do a lot more recovery. It's obviously more comfortable being in our own weight room, in our own court, in our own gym with our fans. But I think the biggest thing is traveling can be draining, too, so you really want to soak up as much time because this time of year it's kind of a battle of who has the legs. Who has the legs and the endurance to go out there and perform the way they need to? So really taking advantage of all the time. I think we are able to do that better at home."

Micah Potter

The redshirt junior forward discussed the defensive reps he's received and if he feels more comfortable: 

"It's all reps and building chemistry with the other guys on the floor. I mean, obviously knowing our defensive principles and breaking those old habits that I had from Ohio State, different things like that. Once you get that down then also developing that chemistry with backside help, but also the person that's getting screened, realizing when you want to maybe switch or maybe you want to just stay in front and let them get back. Just developing that kind of chemistry is so big with how we play defense, especially in ball screen situations. Reps is everything so definitely feel good with that."

Joe Krabbenhoft

The former standout Badger on the court turned Wisconsin assistant coach discussed how true freshman Tyler Wahl has surpassed the expectations of the coaching staff this seasonL

"(He's) just done a little bit everything for us. Different games, he's stepped up in different ways. He knows he's got to get better in areas just like everybody else, but ... we've played through him at times. He's done a good job of facilitating in the post. He's rebounded. He's made good plays defensively. I mean, he's just a player so it's been every category you can think of within the game of basketball where he's helped us, and that's Tyler. He's kind of just your utility player. You can put him on different guys, but the thing that sticks out in my mind is what Ron Harper did to him on the rebound one time (during Wisconsin's loss at Rutgers in December). Try not to let that happen this game."