Andy Katz Names Badgers in Big Ten "Five Faves" Series from 2019-20

Jake Kocorowski

As the college basketball season came to an abrupt but necessary close due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many still look back on the year and call out some standout players.

Veteran college basketball report Andy Katz, now working with the NCAA and the Big Ten Network, started to release his "Five Faves" series from the 2019-20 for particular position groups within the conference. 

As of April 3, he showcased the center, power forward and shooting guard positions. Two Badgers he featured include shooting guard Brad Davison and center/forward Nate Reuvers.

Here is what Katz said about Davison, who he listed as his No. 3 "favorite" conference shooting guard:

"Early in the season, he was really struggling on threes, wasn't sure what his place was with the new flopping emphasis. But then he settled down, and he had a moment to remember against Maryland (on Jan. 14) with a steal on an inbounds and then a three-pointer to beat the Terps. That win over Maryland at the Kohl Center really jumpstarted Wisconsin into their trend up until basically getting a share of the Big Ten regular season title.

"Brad Davison was a leader behind the scenes, then even more so on the court, got rid of his struggles, and delivered late for the Badgers."

Katz listed Reuvers as his No. 4 "favorite" center from the Big Ten for his series:

"There was a lot on his plate, a lot of expectation that he would suddenly become Ethan Happ, but he's not Ethan Happ. He didn't have all the angles, he was not as physical a player underneath. A little bit more of a traditional 'Euro' big -- step out, make those threes -- and that's what Reuvers did for Wisconsin. But he also went inside and scored and drew attention and was a rim protector and blocked shots, and Nate Reuvers had to be on this list."