Lorne Bowman Continues to Prepare for Wisconsin

A chat with the standout guard from Michigan, and his response to an assistant's high praise.
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Earlier in May, Wisconsin assistant coach Dean Oliver called incoming 2020 guard Lorne Bowman a "special player. He also called out the Orchard Lake St. Mary's product's "butter-smooth pull-up" jump shot, noting it was similar to D'Mitrik Trice's.

When asked what his reaction to Oliver's comments, Bowman laughed. 

"It's definitely an honor," Bowman told AllBadgers on Monday. "I've been working on that shot since I was a kid so it's really just a part of my game. It's something I go to a lot, creates opportunities for me and my teammates as well. 

"It definitely feels nice for him to say that."

At some point, Bowman -- and the five other incoming freshmen for Wisconsin's 2020 class -- will head to Madison to begin their time at UW. For now, the Detroit native is still working to stay in shape.

"Getting my running in when I can, and just working on my body -- strength, agility and stuff like that," Bowman said. "So everyday's a different task. It's a process to getting better, but that's really what I'm doing."

Bowman was the first commit for Wisconsin's class of 2020 when he publicly announced his decision in November of 2018. Contact between the Badgers' staff and the ESPN four-star recruit started his sophomore year after Orchard Park St. Mary's played Clarkston and forward Taylor Currie, who eventually was at UW for one season before leaving.

According to Bowman, he had a "pretty good game," and it took off from there.

"They reached out to my high school coach after and that's how the relationship started, and it's grown to be something today where it's really good," Bowman said. "I talk to Coach (Greg) Gard very often, Coach Oliver, Coach (Joe) Krabbenhoft, Coach (Alando) Tucker. Getting in a relationship with them and the guys on the team right now. We have the Zoom call, or we'll text each other.

"Everything has come full circle, and it's been really, really nice."

What sold Bowman on Wisconsin was the fact the staff, as he explained, came back to him "harder than any other school that recruited me at the time." That included the attention to detail on visits.

"They knew what I liked. They knew some of the stuff that I like to participate in," Bowman said. "They knew my family. They really did a deep background check on who I was as a person and knew me all around. I took very fond of that and I like people that really do their due diligence and searching on people."

Bowman eventually signed in November with the four other scholarship members of the class -- forward Ben Carlson, center Steven Crowl and twin brothers Jordan and Johnny Davis.

The point guard went on to have a standout senior season, claiming MLive.com's Metro Detroit player of the year and all-state honors from the Associated Press

In his final year as a prep recruit -- one where he eventually guided Orchard Lake St. Mary's to a Catholic High School League tournament championship -- Bowman believed he became a better leader and more vocal. He also feels he grew in being able to pick his spots during games. 

"Senior year, I really was able to sit back and analyze different defenses," Bowman said. "How teams are playing, how our team was playing, being able to relay back that to the coaches and our guys and just stepping up and being a leader."

As a former standout at the position for Iowa, Oliver spoke to AllBadgers.com earlier this month about Bowman and how one has "to be special to be a point guard because there's so much that comes to it."

"I think his demeanor as far as how he handles, he's always cool and calm on the court, no matter what the situation," Oliver said. "Comes through in the clutch. 

"I tell you what, really excited to see what he can do and what he's going to do once he gets on campus because he's truly a unique player, a special player."

Once he gets to Madison, Bowman stated that his roommate will be fellow freshman, walk-on forward Carter Gilmore.

Bowman believes he has the ability to create his own shot and opportunities for his teammates and can be a big factor coming in.

"Me being able to step out, shoot the three, shoot the mid-range and kind of get to the rim at the same time, opens up stuff for me and everybody else as well," Bowman said. "Getting out on a break, pushing the ball, getting easy transition scores and stuff like that. So that's what I'm looking to do, just come in, set the pace and create tempo for the team."

His goal, first and foremost, however, is to win.

"That's always top of the agenda," Bowman said. "Coming in contributing in any way I can. Whatever the team needs, I'm definitely going to be there to give it."

Update, May 30: AllBadgers.com corrected a typo of the high school to Orchard Lake St. Mary's. We apologize for the discrepancy.