Has Cole Van Lanen 'Put Enough on Tape' for NFL? 'I Think I Need More'

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Wisconsin offensive lineman Cole Van Lanen spoke with reporters via a Zoom call on Friday morning. AllBadgers.com has already written articles about his thoughts (along with safety Eric Burrell's) regarding a potential spring season and even the topic of transfers due to the Big Ten 'postponement' of fall sports.

Later in the chat with Van Lanen, the offensive lineman -- whose UW player profile calls out as the "nation's highest-graded offensive tackle for 2018 season by Pro Football Focus (90.4)" -- was asked if he thought he "put enough on tape" for his liking for a position in the NFL.

“I think I need more. I knew that from after last season," Van Lanen said. "I put on some really good 2018 tape. Last year, I was playing through injury and stuff. I could barely lift. I just wasn't the same player as I normally am, and I knew that was gonna hurt me even playing last year. I was really hoping to have a season to show a healthy me and the best shape me can do. I know that would have really helped me.

“Do I think I still could get drafted? Yeah, I think so, but adding tape could get me drafted in a better spot than I really want to, so a spring season would really help me. There isn't probably going to be senior bowls, so the only tape I could have a chance now is next spring. Yeah, I would like to do that. I think that would help me in my position drastically.”

As seen below, read more about the "roads" Van Lanen described in terms of paths he could take and spring ball talk.

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