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Oregon Players Discuss Wisconsin's Defense

What some Ducks think about the Badgers' unit.

LOS ANGELES -- On Sunday morning, a group of Oregon offensive and Wisconsin defensive standouts spoke with reporters inside the Residence Inn Los Angeles LA Live just three days out from Wisconsin and 

It is one thing to cover the team this season, but asked a few Ducks and their offensive coordinator about what stands out about Jim Leonhard's defense and some of its playmakers from their point of view.

Offensive coordinator Marcus Arroyo

On what do he sees on film from Badgers' defense and just how they stress opposing offenses: 

"Again, another another team that's coached really, really well. Fundamentally sound on where they're supposed to be. Aggressive. They do all the things right that good defenses do."

On how Zack Baun and Chris attack you know front offensive lines and and get into the quarterback

"They've got a really talented group of second level guys who understand the run game. They're great in pass coverage, they understand protections. Solid, downhill guys that play with their face forward, and they'll play on you, an aggressive group. Coach Leonhard's done a great job getting that group ready to roll all season, and I know we got our hands full."

QB Justin Herbert

On any particular tendencies he sees out of Wisconsin's defense when scouting them and diagnosing the schemes that they run:

“Yeah, they're going to stick to what they do, and we've been watching a lot of film, and really we're doing our best to get a feel for what they do. But they’re such an athletic and well-coached team that we’ll do everything we can do to gain advantage but just watching as much film as we can.”

OL Jake Hanson

On Wisconsin’ linebackers and what stands out about Chris Orr and Zack Baun:

“They're just guys that really have a kind of natural nose for the ball. A lot of the plays they make they're not just running into guys that they might have a gap responsibility for. They really know where they can fit into open holes to make plays. That's what we’ve noticed on film.”

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On if he’s seen a scheme like Wisconsin’s or if it’s a new challenge:

“No, this is a new challenge. As far as personnel, you know, we've seen what they run. But just how they do it, it's a little different than what we’ve seen.”

OL Shame Lemieux

On what stands out about Wisconsin's front seven and generating pressure:

"I think the [defensive] tackles do a really good job of getting, pushing, collapsing the pocket, and the edge rushers I think are really physical guys, and they do a really good job of just beating people at effort. They're not going to give up, and they're always fighting, man. They're always fighting, and both of those linebackers have a bunch of sacks because they're smart football players. They're really instinctual, and they're able to get to the passer."

On the Wisconsin defense and if its similar or different seen earlier this year from other opponents:

"I think very little defense has their kind of different tendencies except for Washington State. I think Washington State was the only team we played that was actually a lot different. They run a lot of the same blitzes. It's like Auburn, it's like Utah I guess I compare them to -- two physical teams. Schematically they're similar to a lot of teams I play but the way they play football is a lot like Auburn and Utah. Physical football teams, man."

WR Johnny Johnson III

On what he's seen from Wisconsin's secondary and how they try to scheme opposing offenses:

"I think they're a real physical group. They fly around, they get to the football."

RB C.J. Verdell

On what he sees from linebackers Zack Baun and Chris Orr on film and how they attack:

“Man, crazy, crazy. Great players, great players. Like you said, the way they attack the line of scrimmage and the way they get after the running back especially in the pass game. It’s definitely going to be a huge role for us, me and the O-line I should say, just to make sure we get the right checks so we could help keep Justin [Herbert] ... up on his feet.” note: Updated on 2:07 p.m. PT on Dec. 29 with new quotes.