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Tyler Biadasz NFL Scouting Combine Interview Highlights

Check out what the former Badger had to say during parts of his availability here.

Though he confirmed he would not participate in drills this week due to recovering from a scoped AC joint, Wisconsin center Tyler Biadasz still came to Indianapolis for the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine.

In fact, as seen in the tweet by Wisconsin's football account, he roomed with a familiar face, running back Jonathan Taylor.

As for Biadasz's health, he gave an update on his rehab from the procedure of scoping his shoulder.

"Great. Everything's going really good. I should be cleared mid-April, they said," Biadasz said. "But everything's going well and up to par."

Biadasz stated it was never really an injury and was never limited, but he noted it was something that lingered which gave him "a little pain here and there."

"After the season, I saw a specialist from L.A., and they told me that you just don't want anything lingering onto OTAs or rookie camp so I just got it done," Biadasz said.

With more video courtesy of EagleMaven's Ed Kracz, here is just a smidgeon of his time with reporters on Wednesday morning.

*On what it means to be a "Wisconsin farm kid to be so close to the NFL":

"It means a lot to me and my family. Where I come from, Amherst isn't very big back in Wisconsin. It definitely means a lot to me and who I represent back home, our town that I come from. So I just want everyone, make them proud, too. This is a big step from myself, my family. Just really honored to be here and always blessed to be part of this game. It's the highest level."

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*On work ethic and part of his story:

"Coming from central Wisconsin itself, I think my background, my dad grew up on a family farm, and I've experienced what it's like to do the work throughout the day. I've never worked on a farm, but I've definitely experienced what they do. You definitely give them a lot of credit of what they do. I don't think they get what (as) much as they deserve. I think they built a great foundation of what it's like to have a great work ethic. I really took that into pride itself and whatever I'm gonna do, whatever my career was growing up. I'm gonna take that work ethic with me."

*On carrying the torch:

"We take a lot of pride in the Wisconsin tradition. It's such a rich tradition. Just the approach every day, too, and to exceed and to be the No. 1 o-line in the country. That was always our goal. 

"It's been great this last year to lead the group. I know last year, Dave (Edwards), Beau (Benzschawel), (Michael) Deiter, they're all great examples of it, too. To play with them, too, and to learn from the veterans coming in, it gave me a great understanding of what I can leave it to. It was another blessing. I had great guys in front of me, and I know they had great guys in front of them, too. Year after year, we always find ways to get better and succeed. My four years there, it's been awesome."

*Who Biadasz thinks is going to step in for him at Wisconsin:

"I'm not really sure. I'm not the coach. Joe Rudolph, he'd have a better answer for you for that."

AllBadgers wants to thank both EagleMaven's Ed Kracz and PackerCentral's Bill Huber for the video and interview information from Wednesday. We will update this article and publish more if we receive more video and audio.