Wisconsin No. 2 in Sports Illustrated's "Offensive Line U" List

Do you agree with the Fighting Irish over the Badgers?

This week, Sports Illustrated started its "Position U" series, highlighting the top programs who churn out players ready for the NFL using its customized scoring set-up based on 10 years' worth of data.

On Thursday, the publication unveiled its list of schools that could claim its fame to being "Offensive Line U." As prestigious as Wisconsin is for developing its linemen for the next level, it came in at No. 2 behind Notre Dame. 

According to SI's point system, which I will show below, UW narrowly missed claiming the top spot by one point to the Fighting Irish. Here were the top 10 programs:

1. Notre Dame, 69 points
2. Wisconsin, 68
3. Florida, 66
4. Alabama, 56
5. Ohio State, 54
6. USC, 51
7. Oklahoma, 49
8. Iowa, 44
9. Texas A&M, 41
10. Stanford, 38

Read more in the article about the number of Badgers that have made it to play on Sundays and how they tallied their respective resumes into data form. One will see that future NFL Hall of Famer Joe Thomas is not on there in the "Wisconsin Alumni" section. However, SI's Reid Foster noted in the article: "For all positions in this series, scoring is based on alumni who entered the NFL between 2010 and 2019 and were either (1) drafted or (2) undrafted but appeared in at least one game." 

That unfortunately disqualified Thomas, who enjoyed a long All-Pro career from 2007-2017 but came into the league the decade prior. Overall, SI counted 14 linemen from Wisconsin in its analysis.

Here are more of the system point breakdowns:

Players who transferred during their college careers are counted only as part of the last program they played for. Players are only credited for the position at which they were drafted. Our full scoring system:

Top 10: 4 points
Round 1 (non-top 10): 3 points
Rounds 2-3: 2 points
Rounds 4-7: 1 point
Undrafted: 0 points

80-plus: 5 points
48 to 79: 4 points
16 to 47: 3 points
5 to 15: 2 points
1 to 4: 1 point

Offensive Player of the Year: 4 points
First-Team All-Pro: 3 points
Offensive Rookie of the Year: 2 points

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