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Original: Mailbag Submission Time

Got questions that are Wisconsin-related? I'll do my best to answer them.

We started kicking back these mailbag segments for the month of May, and wanted to do it again. I answered a couple inquiries in mid-May, and now as football and volleyball players return to campus starting this week, let's rev up our engines!

Got more questions regarding Wisconsin football, basketball, recruiting, other sports? Hit me up and I will do my best to try to answer by the end of the week. Some may be answered via written submission, others maybe in a written Q&A.

I want to continue to build a huge community of fans who interact with each other on a daily basis (and with a high level of civility and respect for each other).

So, how do you ask the questions? Twitter?'s Facebook page? Actually, through the website itself.

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It's a really simple process, and most importantly, it's FREE. F-R-E-E. If you're on your desktop/laptop or on your mobile device, click on the "What's on your mind?" question as seen in the photo below.

Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 5.13.40 PM

Fans will then be queued up to create an account if they haven't already. Once you fill out your info, you can then submit some questions to me via the "Community" section as seen on the site, or in the various articles that we publish daily!

So ... please do not be shy! I will work on ways to make these mailbags more interactive as well, perhaps with some incentives to help spark discussion down the road. is definitely working to become one of the best destinations to talk Wisconsin athletics. It's been a great start six months in so far, and looking forward to seeing what is ahead!