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20 on '20: Tailgating Before, Attending Wisconsin Games at Camp Randall Stadium

Our series continues on Monday asking fans their thoughts on what could be ahead for the season.

With Wisconsin football student-athletes starting"voluntary athletics activities" on June 15 -- wanted to begin a series dedicated to the program entering a 2020 season that is supposed to start on Sept. 4 against Indiana.

I had some questions here, however. Do we highlight breakout or "most important" players according to a specific set of standards?

Perhaps we look at the biggest concerns with a team returning many starters and contributors but has specific questions needing to be answered at key positions?

In that light, presents its "20 on '20" series where we dissect (you guessed it) 20 topics pertaining to the football program. For those needing to catch up, here is the series so far:

Topic No. 5: Would You Tailgate, Attend Wisconsin Games at Camp Randall Stadium?

Loaded question right? And a lot of variables to take into account that cannot be defined. However, let us discuss.

At least a couple people on the Sports Illustrated network have asked this question to the fanbases they cover, so I asked for the blessing to do so.

On June 16, we are over 2.5 months away from the Sept. 4 home opener against the Hoosiers inside Camp Randall Stadium in what should be an intriguing cross-divisional showdown, for what it's worth. 

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A week ago, an article on highlighted the statistic that 85% of Wisconsin season-ticket holders renewed their plans for the 2020 schedule, which includes six home games against Indiana, Southern Illinois, Appalachian State, Minnesota, Illinois and Nebraska. If one adds the reportedly estimated 500 people who paid $50 to hold their tickets for the 2021 slate due to either concerns about going to the contests with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic or financial reasons, the percentages bump up to 88%.

All in all, it is a very strong number with what has transpired in the past three months.

We will not know exactly what the plans for the season will be, likely for a while. In that aforementioned article, Mike Lucas explained the following:

With a nod to that uncertainty, an email was sent Monday (June 8) to all season ticket-holders informing them that the single-game ticket request process, including for the highly-anticipated game against Notre Dame at Lambeau Field, has been put on hold "until more clarity is provided regarding the 2020 football season."

However, asks the Wisconsin faithful: At this moment of time in mid-June, if the season continues on as scheduled and they allow fans to attend in-person (we won't hypothesize percentage of fans for sake of sanity), would you do so? Why or why not, and what would influence your decision? Is it still too early for you to decide?

For that matter, how about a time-honored tradition that Wisconsin fans in general -- whether cheering for the Badgers, Milwaukee Brewers or Green Bay Packers -- partake in. For many, tailgating is a part of the experience that brings together friends, families, and perhaps former roommates who partied too hard on State Street during their days at UW a decade ago. 

One of my favorite things to do before entering Camp Randall Stadium is drive by and walk past the various parking lots where yard games are being played and the various smells from the grills perfume the air. How much will fans' behaviors change during and after the pandemic?

Thus, question No. 2: Do you feel you would go to both games and tailgates? Do you just attend one? What makes the case for you to go to one but perhaps not the other?

Would love to hear fans' perspectives on this. Please comment below and let know.