2021 WR Markus Allen on Recruiting Process, Wisconsin [UPDATED]

Jake Kocorowski

Last week, 2021 wide receiver Markus Allen unveiled his initial top 10 programs. Wisconsin -- who just offered the Clayton, Ohio (Northmont) wide receiver during one of its junior days on March 1 — made the cut.

However on Monday, Allen tweeted that his recruiting process "is WIDE open." He confirmed to AllBadgers on Tuesday is still looking at those previous schools, but he wanted to wait a little longer to be sure.

"I just wanted to keep my recruitment open and that people knew my top 10 wasn't just permanent," Allen said on Tuesday.

For that matter, Allen received offers from Boston College and Syracuse in the past 24 hours.

Like Allen mentioned, he is still looking at those programs though he does not have a top 10 set in stone. However, he talked about them a day earlier:

Indiana: "I put Indiana in the Top 10 because it's really close to home. Honestly, it's only like two hours, 45 minutes away. Coach (Grant) Heard up there, the receivers coach, he has something going special. He has a lot of his players that are developing well and developing in the pros, and Indiana deserves something good.

"I want to go visit, but with the (COVID-19) virus hitting and everything, I couldn't go visit. That's why they're really in my top 10, too, because they got something special going on up there in Bloomington." 

Pitt: "Pitt is really nice. I really like it. I like the academic side to it also, and I like the city-based university. With Pitt, me and (defensive coordinator) coach Randy Bates, we have a pretty good relationship. I talked to Coach 'Duzz' (head coach Pat Narduzzi) a couple of times, so I really like what they got going on there also with that piece, and they play at the highest level of football."

Michigan State: "First of all, Michigan is also close to home. Michigan State, they honestly have always had like a prominent program. They've always had a program that has been good year in and year out. 

"Coach 'Tuck' (head coach Mel Tucker), we actually got on the phone, and we talked and everything. He's the real deal. He's about his business, and he really wants to make Michigan State better than what it was before. That's gonna be a task, but I thought he can handle it and with the staff he got, with a lot of Michigan State alums and with some people that he brought over from Colorado, he really has it going up there. So I really like that especially, and I'm going to get up there soon."

Michigan: "Honestly, I've always watched ever since I was younger and everything, and they've always been that big team like when it comes to them and Ohio State. They've always had my eye. Me and Coach Josh Gattis, the receivers coach up there at Michigan, we have a pretty good bond. We were actually on FaceTime the other day, me, him and Coach (Jim) Harbaugh. They really want to get me up there, and they're building something good up there also. They just want to compete at the highest level, and they want the best players to do that with. With them recruiting me, I feel like that's a good fit. ... The academics is phenomenal, and so that's pretty good."

Cincinnati: "I like the university. I like their academics, too. It's very close to home so kind of like a hometown hero type feel. I feel comfortable there. Me and (wide receivers coach Mike) Brown and me and (defensive coordinator/linebackers) Coach Marcus Freeman, we have a pretty good bond, have a pretty good relationship. We talk to each other all the time, nonstop. With that being said, Coach 'Fick' (Luke Fickell) is actually creating something that's going to be very good for the future of the Cincinnati football program, especially with this last class and trying to do it with my class. So he's on top of it."

Kansas: "So they just got a new coach (analyst), Brock Caraboa. ... We actually have been in contact, and I've been in contact with the receivers coach, Emmett Jones. When we talk and everything, they really want to bring the program back. They want to change the program around, especially with Coach Les Miles coming in and everything, and I really liked that. Academics are phenomenal, and they play in the Big 12 so the football is going to be good also and you're going to get good competition. I really like that and how they're just welcoming. They really want to get me there and get me to play there."

[Note on Kansas: He plans to visit soon but does not have a date.]

Virginia: "Me and Coach (Marques) Hagans, the receivers coach, we got a really good bond. We text everyday, even if it's not just about football. They've talked to my parents, and my parents really like that. Coaches reaching out to the family also when it's not just about kids. They are really building something good there. They compete at the highest level of academics and on the football field. Coach (Bronco) Mendenhall, he's making them better every single year, and I really like that. Coach Hagans, he really wants to teach you football and not just coach so I really like that about that, and I really like that about him."

Wake Forest: "Me and Coach (Kevin) Higgins (associate head coach/wide receivers coach), we have a pretty good growing bond. We text each other all the time, we stay open with each other. We communicate. Like I'll send him my releases and other stuff, and we'll just talk about it. He'll critique me on little things I need to work and everything. The whole staff, yhey reach out to me and text me all the time, making it feel like welcoming and hopefully they'll get me out there sometime in the spring. I really like what's going on at Wake Forest."

Purdue: "I've really liked Purdue for a little while now actually, ever since December. Me and Coach 'Shep' (wide receivers coach JaMarcus Shephard) their receivers coach, we've grown a bond ever since. Me and Coach (Chris) Barclay  we text all the time. That's my boy. Coach 'Shep,' he really put it in my eyes that I need to find a coach that can teach me football -- and besides his coach, can teach me how to be a man also. With Purdue, they got something good going because they're well around God. The whole staff is, and their academics are pretty good. I really like that. They want you to be the best person that you can be when you're at the university and when you're in different stages of life. I really like that also, and I like the campus and everything, so they're up there my top 10 also."

Wisconsin: "Because Wisconsin, they've always been phenomenal. They've always had great big things come out of there actually. Russell Wilson, J.J. Watt and Melvin Gordon just to mention a few. They've always had my eye honestly. I've seen what they do with their receivers and how they play them, and they kind of play them like my high school does a little bit, and I really like that.

"Wisconsin has great academics. Madison, Wis., is a very good place to live honestly. They have everything you need. Coach is really building Wisconsin even into more of powerhouse in the Big Ten and I really like that."

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Allen has had to cancel visits to Michigan last weekend, Indiana this weekend, and a future trip to Michigan State in a couple of weeks.

Update, March 24: AllBadgers.com caught up with Allen on Tuesday after his new tweet regarding his recruiting process. The article has been updated as of 9:15 p.m. CT on Tuesday evening.