Things that make you go, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?


What did possibly UW know by "shutting" down all activities for 2 weeks last week?

Interesting timing given the worst kept secret is a BTN fball game start of 10/17, no?

No doubt the kids are working on their conditioning/films/unit drills, so, expect a team fully ready by then. Having a Sr qb/multi year starter and a veteran and Deep D is a huge edge vs say what Iowa, Michigan etc will have to deal with. pack your bags for Indy boys, OSu is very good yet , we are edging closer and closer as they have better talent yet outside of one wr, qb and one cb, I don't see a roster full of 2021 1st rounders like 18/19.

Also, their stud AA OG just said "no mas" to his last year in Cbus

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Whoops! I guess we had to wait for all the lawyers to chime in 1st? worst kept secret in America is the BTN starting 10/17.