Twitter Q&A Recap

Jake Kocorowski

As the NFC Championship game started winding down on Sunday evening, decided to kick up its weekly Q&A session on Twitter.

I answer questions ranging from the offensive line to the wide receiver depth for Wisconsin, along with basketball and recruiting questions. As a note with the answer regarding the Badgers' potential starting five for Joe Rudolph's group for 2020, I threw out a way-too-early prediction for Cormac Sampson at center. 

That being said, 1) It is a way-too-early thought (though I am especially high on the Eau Claire native) and 2) We will not know if the in-state product will officially move back to the line until spring practices start and the roster is released. That being said, and based on a discussion the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Jeff Potrykus had with Rudolph, the assistant coach believes the line is "where his (Sampson's) future is."

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