Last Jump Around for "Jump Around Wisconsin" on Saturday

Jake Kocorowski

Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin

The iconic first line of House of Pain's will once again play inside the state of Wisconsin this weekend on many local radio stations and beyond its borders via streaming -- uniting Badgers fans during this COVID-19 pandemic in this uniquely fan-organic experience.

However, this will be the last Saturday the "Jump Around Wisconsin" movement will officially get together virally to partake in the tradition that is normally seen between the third and fourth quarters of UW home games. One of its founders and organizers, Joe Lahti, confirmed this to on Saturday morning.

The time is still planned for 3 p.m. CT, and the list of stations where it can be heard is seen below.

Last week, featured the group and its rapid growth among Wisconsin faithful from starting just as a couple of neighbors in nearby Sun Prairie to having a significant reach.

Its Facebook-specific group currently sits at over 119,700 members, and as of last week, about 110 radio stations throughout the state have jumped on the bandwagon to play the early 1990s hip-hop classic.

As we wrote last Friday:

During this COVID-19 pandemic, "Jump Around Wisconsin" has allowed Badgers fans to unite each weekend and take part in this football tradition. No corporation or university initiative kickstarted this campaign to show UW pride. It all simply, organically began with two neighbors in a nearby Madison suburb.

“The one word I can say is surreal, because it was just two neighbors, two good friends having a beer and then it turned into this," Joe Lahti, one of those two neighbors, told last week. "There was no plan to make it like this.

"It was just to get a couple neighbors together and jump around and feel good for five minutes on a Saturday.”

Jump Around Wisconsin
Where fans can tune in and jump around one last time this weekend.Graphic created by Karen Marnocha

The Facebook group itself will not dissipate and will likely evolve from there. Stay tuned for more there.