Wisconsin Badgers, Recruits Showing Training Via Social Media During Pandemic

Jake Kocorowski

We may not necessarily be privy to the precise training regiments the Wisconsin Badgers and their respective programs are working through during this COVID-19 pandemic -- though UW featured how the football team has adjusted -- but one can see glimpses of or hear about how the student-athletes continue to find ways to stay active currently.

Men's basketball assistant coach Dean Oliver told AllBadgers.com last week that the program's players are trying to find ways to get better.

"I tell you what, there's gonna be a lot of good ball handlers. I don't know about shooting, but there's going to be a lot of good ball handlers next year with all the ball handling workouts that they've been doing," Oliver said with a laugh.

Oliver also noted how guard D'Mitrik Trice sends him videos of what he is working on in terms of drill, calling him "religious" in that respect. 

"I think sometimes I wonder if this is his favorite part of the year is the offseason where he's working, but he's really gotten after it," Oliver said.

For that matter, Oliver said that fellow assistant coach Alando Tucker has been making videos pertaining to ball handling in giving the team some new things to do and "try to keep it fresh." 

Other ways to see how players are continuing their training is through social media, especially via Twitter and Instagram. Many use Instagram's story function that last only 24 hours, as cornerback Faion Hicks and offensive lineman Tyler Beach have done so recently. Here are just a few Badgers -- former, current and even future -- showcasing their workouts.

AllBadgers.com will update the story with more videos if more pop up.

Hayden Rucci

2021 five-star offensive lineman Nolan Rucci, who has the Badgers in his top nine programs, posted a video on Twitter last week of a workout routine with his older brother, Hayden, who obviously plays tight end for Wisconsin.

The two are seen working out and performing a modified sled push as they traded off as each other's respective weights.

Julius Davis

The Menomonie Falls, Wis., native redshirted last season, but he has posted videos of him putting in work while away from UW.

Emmet Perry

As taped earlier this month, the redshirt junior wide receiver appears to be putting in work.

Deacon Hill

In the past couple of weeks, the three-star 2021 Wisconsin quarterback commit has retweeted some videos of him airing it out.

Gio Paez

Jalen Berger

It appears Berger's mother, Kesha, posted some videos of the four-star 2020 signee.

Leo Chenal

On the evening of May 18, the linebacker posted a video of him bench pressing 225 pounds 40 times.

Update, May 19: Correctly attributing a quote to assistant coach Dean Oliver regarding D'Mitrik Trice. It was not Trice but rather Oliver, as the context of the article clearly shows. AllBadgers.com apologies for the error.