Wisconsin Tied for 6th in Sports Illustrated's "Defensive Line U" Rankings

Jake Kocorowski

Within the past week, Sports Illustrated started its "Position U" series, highlighting the top programs who churn out players ready for the NFL using its customized scoring set-up based on 10 years' worth of data.

On Thursday, the publication unveiled its list of schools that could claim its fame to being "Offensive Line U." Wisconsin came in at No. 2 behind Notre Dame.

A day later on Friday, SI released its modern "Running Back U" rankings where the Badgers came in tied for eighth with Miami.

Then came "Tight End U" on Saturday, and UW found itself in the top 10 once again. On Sunday, "Defensive Line U" was released, and according to Reid Foster's point system -- which AllBadgers.com shows below -- the program ranks tied for sixth with Florida:

1. Alabama, 85 points
2. Clemson, 73
3. Georgia, 65
4. Ohio State, 62
5. LSU, 51
6(tie). Florida, 49
6(tie). Wisconsin, 49
8. USC, 44
9(tie). Mississippi State, 42
9(tie). Pittsburgh, 42

Interior D-Line U.: Alabama, 73; Clemson, 40; Pittsburgh, 34; Nebraska, 33; Ohio State, 32.

Edge U.: Wisconsin, 46; Georgia, 37; Missouri, 34; Clemson, 33; Texas A&M, 32.

Fans will notice that there are subsections that SI divides up the position group into: "Interior" and "Edge." In the latter, they designate Wisconsin as the top program, "thanks almost entirely to the Watt brothers (J.J. and T.J.)." Both were selected in the first round of the 2011 and 2017 NFL Drafts, respectively, and have made quite the impact in the league.

Foster and Gary Gramling stated O'Brien Schofield being "the only other edge player the Badgers have put in the NFL over the past decade." However, I am not sure which position they allocated Vince Biegel at -- maybe if they placed him as an off-the-ball linebacker?

In terms of Wisconsin interior defensive linemen, Beau Allen was selected in the seventh round of the 2014 NFL Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles. According to NFL.com's profile of the former Badger, he has played in 90 games in six seasons, which includes 16 starts.

Here are more of the point breakdowns from the system:

Players who transferred during their college careers are counted only as part of the last program they played for. Players are only credited for the position at which they were drafted. Our full scoring system:

Top 10: 4 points
Round 1 (non-top 10): 3 points
Rounds 2-3: 2 points
Rounds 4-7: 1 point
Undrafted: 0 points

80-plus: 5 points
48 to 79: 4 points
16 to 47: 3 points
5 to 15: 2 points
1 to 4: 1 point

Offensive Player of the Year: 4 points
First-Team All-Pro: 3 points
Offensive Rookie of the Year: 2 points

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