Wisconsin Football Players Allowed to Return to Campus Starting June 8

Jake Kocorowski

Wisconsin's football players can come back to the school's campus by next week.

A UW official confirmed to AllBadgers.com that those student-athletes "will be allowed to return" to campus starting on June 8. The official said more details will be available later this week when asked about COVID-19 testing and potential training schedules when they come back. 

UW Athletics unveiled its plan to bring back its football and volleyball student-athletes on June 8, which included "voluntary athletic activities" beginning on the 15th.

On June 1, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Jeff Potrykus first reported that the Badgers in Paul Chryst's program will "be allowed back onto campus" starting on that date next week.

Wisconsin was slated to start spring practices on March 22, but the Big Ten suspended organized team activities until April 6. It later expanded that date twice eventually through June 1 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On May 20, the NCAA Division I Council officially announced that "voluntary athletics activities" for three collegiate sports -- football, and both women's and men's basketball -- could commence starting on June 1. That came with the condition that "all local, state and federal regulations are followed."

As to when camp will start for the Badgers leading up to the season-opener against Indiana on Sept. 4, that is yet to be determined.

Last month during "The Barry Alvarez Show's" final episode of the academic year, host Matt Lepay asked the Wisconsin athletic director if a six-week schedule starting in mid-July sounds right for preparation for the football season and if it is flexible. Alvarez said he believes that is ideal.

"When coaches were asked, I think when our medical people in the Big Ten were asked to devise a plan to come back, what we’ve been using in the past that’s been set up by the NCAA, if everything was perfect and time was not of the essence, six weeks is perfect," Alvarez said.

“(Wisconsin head coach) Paul (Chryst) and I have talked. I’ve played and I’ve coached where it’s been three weeks. I think you could prepare a team in four weeks. In talking with Paul, if it’s four weeks, we can get ready in four. If it’s three, we can get ready in three. If it’s five, we spread things out and get ready in five. If it’s six, you have the luxury of working that out. That’s what good coaches do. So many of your players now, this is a little unusual but normally they’re there, they’re working out. They don’t lose much conditioning and so it’s not that shock to your body to come back in and start getting ready for football because they’ve been lifting and conditioning.

“I think six weeks is ideal. I personally don’t think that six weeks is necessary.”

UPDATE: UW Athletics announced its "phased approach" for its football and volleyball student-athletes to return on June 8. That included their directive for testing and a June 15th start time for "voluntary athletic activities."

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