Wisconsin WR Adam Krumholz, Demitra Philosophos Start Fundraiser

Jake Kocorowski

Jake Kocorowski

Another instance of a Badger giving back. From Philosophos on the GoFundMe site:

"After being inspired by my friends in Chicago who have been raising money to provide food for those in need, I have reached out to a local organization to figure out how I can help with the racial inequities in my community. Adam Krumholz and I have partnered with Nehemiah, an organization fighting to eliminate the racial disparities in Madison, WI.

"They are in need of basic essentials (body wash, cleaners, soap, hygiene items, etc.) to give out in the Madison community. We are looking to raise $10,000 to be able to purchase these necessities for Nehemiah. Any remaining funds will be given directly to Nehemiah. Any amount of support is appreciated."

AllBadgers.com has reached out to UW to see if Philosophos and Krumholz would be available to talk about their fundraiser.

Link is below: