Asks: What is Your Favorite Wisconsin Tailgate Recipe?

Jake Kocorowski

As the summer months begin to kick in, the smells of some meat on the grill -- or veggies, for that matter -- or a fantastic side dish are always a weekend delight. 

That got, as well as those within the Jump Around Wisconsin Facebook group thinking -- what are some of your favorite tailgate recipes for state-wide sporting events?

I have mentioned this before, but I absolutely love walking to Camp Randall Stadium during Badgers game days and savory aroma of brats along that path. I also feel like I could eat one of these encased treats at any time of the day, whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner.

For Miller Park, I once had some fantastic grilled chicken wings that were smothered in a tasty sauce after a Brewers game. I know there are Badgers faithful who are big Green Bay Packers fans as well, so what recipes do you either at Lambeau Field or even in the comfort of your own home?

While we wait for sports to return, let know if you have a particular recipe or food you enjoy in the comments section below, and heck, maybe I will try to recreate it and put it up on social media later.

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