Mountain West Presidents Once Again Show a Lack of Regard for Constituents

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A week after the Mountain West Athletic Directors came up with a long-range plan that pushed back the start of football season to Sept. 26, giving the schools some breathing time in seeing just what transpires in the next month with COVID-19, the school presidents came down from their ivory towers and blew up the whole process.

The Mountain West on Monday became the second Division I conference to cancel it's season. They came a day after the MAC put its ambitions for 2020 to rest.

Of course they won't announce the vote and who voted for what, although the new University of Wyoming President Ed Seidel did admit he is just another sheep following the herd. On instagram, he said he spoke up for Wyoming's feelings that the season should be played. But when he came time to make the decision, he was just another sheep, wanting to be part of the group "and went with the consensus" of the other presidents.

No sense representing your constituents, right Ed?. 

If you are afraid, get a dog.

And here is what shows you how out of touch with the real world the presidents of the MW schools are -- they are actually looking at a spring football season. 

Remember that movie Dumb and Dumber. ...

So the fall season was suspended out of the concern of the well-being for the athletes.


Truth be told, football players would be better protected if a season was being played than anyone -- school presidents included -- on campus.

They  focus on studies and practice. They have strong peer pressure to stay in line, follow orders and be ready for the next game. 

 As soon as the presidents finish patting themselves on the back for coming to the rescue of the athletes they begin kicking tires on the idea of pushing the football season back to the spring. 

That shows the total lack of reality in which the presidents operate.

Spring football?

First off, eliminate the key potential seniors from rosters. 

And this has nothing to do with COVID-19. It has to do with common sense. 

So football is moved to the spring -- say mid-March through May.

Well, right off the bat you can cross the names of any of the prime seniors from the rosters of schools, and any primo juniors. 

Be serious.

The NFL draft is the final weekend of April.

Maybe someone should explain to the school presidents that in preparation for the draft, the prime prospects aren't hanging around campus. They are at workouts, looking to impress scouts. And when they aren't at workouts they are making sure they don't do something that will result in a significant injury.

But there is something more than that.

There's the health of players who are juniors and younger. 

Take the case of Wyoming quarterback Sean Chambers. He suffered a season-ending knee injury in the Cowboys' 31-3 win over Nevada last Oct. 26. He missed the rest of the season, the Arizona Bowl, and all of spring ball. He wasn't given medical clearance to even practice until May.

That's six months on the side.

So say a player is hurt in a spring football game in April or May. Teams are looking at November before the athlete gets involved in serious workouts, much less game-action. In other words, the athlete not only has his spring season cut short, but basically has his season next fall eliminated.

But what the heck. 

If all is well in the spring and tickets can be sold and stadiums (other than San Jose State) are filled with fans, apparently the MW presidents figure that more than outweighs the possibility of an injury that because of a spring season will cost the athlete a full year of eligibility come the fall.

And if you buy that spillage from the MW presidents, there's this partial of ocean front property in Southern Nevada that might interest you.


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